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UTSAUniversity of Texas at San Antonio
UTSAUsb Twin Serial Adapter
UTSAUnite Theatre for Social Action (Bangladesh)
UTSAUniform and Textile Services Association
UTSAUniform Trade Secrets Act of 1985
UTSAUniversity of Toronto Secular Alliance (Canada)
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A trade secret, as defined by the UTSA, is business or scientific information that:
Under Romo's leadership, UTSA has surged in the ranks among its peers, emerging as one of the fastest-growing higher education institutions in Texas while tightening its admissions standards from a one-time open admissions institution.
This is the right time to hand the reins of leadership to a new president, knowing there is a solid foundation of excellence in place and tremendous momentum that will keep UTSA moving forward," he said in a statement.
The UTSA generally excludes claims to breach of contract, giving you the opportunity to add clauses in your agreements to the effect that any non-public information is confidential, with a time-limit as to how long the information is to be held in confidence.
largely overlooked by commentators, (12) the UTSA has dramatically
Moreno says that's when a light bulb went off--the "community" that Tetro was becoming a part of was not just UTSA, but rather the city at large.
Now in its fifth year in Texas, cohorts of bilingual teacher candidates (20-25 each semester) take a class at the university campus that is directly tied to LCM@ UTSA.
Meanwhile, the formation's proximity to the Gulf Coast refinery complexes has not only increased the economic benefits to producers, but shifted the energy mix for the United States as a whole, per UTSA.
UTSA Athletic Director Lynn Hickey recalls her job interview 12 years ago with school President Ricardo Romo.
26) Ultimately, the commissioners wanted the UTSA to codify the common
314, University of Texas at San Antonio, One UTSA Circle.
UTSA said that it is also using the microscope to study Alzheimer's disease, to develop new materials and for other applications.