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UTSAUniversity of Texas at San Antonio
UTSAUnite Theatre for Social Action (Bangladesh)
UTSAUniform and Textile Services Association
UTSAUniversity of Toronto Secular Alliance (Canada)
UTSAUniform Trade Secrets Act of 1985
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under the UTSA resurrect the constitutionally suspect outcomes sometimes
Moreno says that's when a light bulb went off--the "community" that Tetro was becoming a part of was not just UTSA, but rather the city at large.
Now in its fifth year in Texas, cohorts of bilingual teacher candidates (20-25 each semester) take a class at the university campus that is directly tied to LCM@ UTSA.
Norton says UTSA has been able to maintain a high level of diversity based on the combination of strategy and guidelines, despite raising admissions standards three times in the last five years.
Meanwhile, the formation's proximity to the Gulf Coast refinery complexes has not only increased the economic benefits to producers, but shifted the energy mix for the United States as a whole, per UTSA.
But in the absence of such agreements, the UTSA maintains that there are other reasonable efforts to maintain secrecy, such as advising employees of the existence of a trade secret, limiting access to a trade secret on a "need to know basis," and controlling plant access.
Although collaborative agreements exist between UTSA and SAC, there was no formal structure to support teacher candidate recruitment and retention prior to the implementation of the ATE.
In 1998, UTSA began to informally research other institutions' policies related to student retention.
First-, second- and third-place trophies will be awarded, and the grade 12 winner will be eligible to receive a renewable scholarship award of up to $3,000 per year for study as an undergraduate music major at UTSA.
To date, the UTSA has been adopted by forty-four jurisdictions.
Although the focus of the UTSA is to facilitate injunctive relief or the payment of monetary awards in case of a misappropriation, Budden also discusses a wide range of legal and security-related measures that may serve to prevent or deter the loss of trade secrets from occurring in the first place.