UTSPUrban Transportation Showcase Program (Transport Canada)
UTSPUganda Tree Seed Project (1992-1996)
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Further, links will be made with GE's other UTSP launched earlier this year at the University of Bristol, along with the University of Oxford to develop innovative composites technology and known as SMARTCOMP.
Professor Michael Wisnom, Director of Smiths UTSP, University of Bristol added, "We are excited by the opportunity to apply our composites expertise to advancing the design and manufacture of Smiths' current aerospace products, and to work together with Oxford University on future cutting-edge applications of smart composites technologies.
We are excited to be working with Smiths Aerospace and Warwick University on innovations that will create the electrical technologies of the future in aerospace," said Professor Jon Clare, Director of the Smiths UTSP, University of Nottingham.
The two UTSPs have been set up with assistance and financial support from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) in the UK.
The UTSP insulates the vendor from these complexities resulting in significantly reduced development cycle times to about 12 weeks.
Specifically, the UTSP provides the communication layer between the TAPI 2.
The availability of our UTSP tools will accelerate the development of other needed components required by our call center customers and contribute to the expanded adoption of TAPI 2.