UTWUltimate Tag Warrior (WordPress plug-in)
UTWUniwersytetu Trzeciego Wieku (Polish: Third Age University; Krakow, Poland)
UTWUltra-Thin Whitetopping (pavement)
UTWUltra-Thin Window
UTWUnder the Weather
UTWUnited Taxicab Workers (San Francisco, CA)
UTWUnloaded Tongue Weight (trailer weight capacity)
UTWUtilitiesman, Water and Sanitation
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In particular, it becomes clear that behind the legal struggle waged in the courts by N UTW lawyer-organizers such as Johnny Copelyn lay a cohort of African women workers with the courage to challenge male authority directly in their workplaces.
To date, UTW has matched about 70 people with partners in Ghana, Nicaragua, Peru, and Zambia, on projects ranging from building homes for families affected by AIDS to providing educational opportunities to impoverished women and children.
over, nothing had been gained, and the UTW had been declawed (Murray,
Northern Alabama workers struck in early summer; then the strike became general in September and lasted for three weeks until the UTW called it off for a settlement that included a prohibition against blacklisting.
The UTW members will receive a 3-percent wage increase in the second contract year.
The UTW called a general textile strike to start on 1 September.
This reportedly marked the first such application of UTW in the United States.
Using court records and public accounts of the trial of the thirteen workers indicted for the murder of the police chief, Salmond demonstrates how the workers' defense fell prey to infighting between the UTW and the NTWU and the legal teams led by the International Labor Defense and the American Civil Liberties Union ostensibly helping textile workers.
So far, UTW plug-in users had to manage tags manually.
T and I Yarns: The UT, UTC and UTW machines are known for their flexibility.
Kent Rowley and his wife, Parent, ran UTW, United Textile Workers, an affiliate of the AFL.
The first UTW experimental project was constructed on the access road to a waste disposal landfill in Louisville, Kentucky in September 1991.