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UUAUnitarian Universalist Association (Boston, MA)
UUAUrgent (pilot report message type)
UUABugulma (Russia)
UUAUnisys User Association
UUAUnivac Users Association
UUAUnderage User Alert
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Since 1984' the UUA has publicly supported commitment ceremonies and marriages for any couple no matter the gender of the partners.
UUA also has access to desalination, industrial wastewater treatment and reclamation technologies.
The Consortium has substantial investments in the water and wastewater treatment sectors globally and adds significantly to the expertise and experience of the existing UUA management team in the provision of design and construction, operation and maintenance and asset management services.
Morales said one of his main motives for pursuing the UUA presidency was his desire to see the denomination grow across the country, as it has in Eugene.
Murray, UUA endowment funds senior accountant, saying that quarterly disbursements from the Mason-Hale Memorial Trust Fund had been suspended.
Indeed, the UUA has been on the decline itself after having been instrumental in the development of modern day humanism.
The UUA has joined other shareholders in formally asking the Securities and Exchange Commission to determine whether Chevron has violated securities laws because of evidence it has made material misrepresentations to investors.
UUA website adds: "Ideas and practices from Hinduism are welcome in Unitarian Universalism.
The UUA is perhaps the religious paragon of American pragmatism.
The UUA does not require its ministers or members to subscribe to particular religious beliefs.
Two years later the Fellowship of Religious Humanists was formed to support and strengthen religious humanism in the new Unitarian Universalist Association, attracting nontheist members not only within the UUA but also from two other congregational-styled nontheistic organizations, the American Ethical Union and the newly founded Society for Humanistic Judaism.
Payson said the BSA essentially discontinued offering the troop its religion and life award, after the UUA altered the material for the award affirming its support for gay and atheist Scouts and Scoutmasters.