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UUCPUnix to Unix Copy Protocol
UUCPUnix-To-Unix Copy Protocol
UUCPUnitarian Universalist Church of the Philippines (Dumaguete, Philippines)
UUCPUnadjusted Use Case Point (software cost estimation)
UUCPUnitarian Universalist Congregation of Phoenix (Paradise Valley, AZ)
UUCPUtah Unified Certification Program (Utah Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program)
UUCPUnitarian Universalist Congregation of the Palisades (Englewood, NJ)
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The Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Palisades (UUCP) is a non-profit organization that believes in a free and responsible search for meaning.
1) Determine and compute the Unadjusted Use Case Points (UUCPs)
UUCP spoofing using Multi-Tech's own adaptive protocol enhancing, speeds up UUCP batch file transfers (UNIX) which use the "g" protocol.
The first is to find a mainframe that is both close to the remote location and which accesses a CMC network that is capable of communicating with the home mainframe's CMC network through some combination of inter-mainframe networks (BITNET, UUCP, EARN, JANET, etc.).
When a university in Rabat, Morocco, established UUCP connectivity to provide intermittent email service, it was given the responsibility for managing all subsequent domains originating from the Kingdom of Morocco.
The module then queues the messages and prepares them for transfer; then using UULINK software by Vortex Technologies (Topanga, CA), dials out and connects The Major BBS to a UUCP host.
There are many systems that have access to the Internet but are not a direct part, such as BITNET, Compuserve, and the UUCP network.
Larry Landweber regularly updates a list showing which nations have IP, Bitnet, uucp, and other connectivity.
The Unix to Unix Copy (UUCP) program used to distribute News was based on 7-bit communications and many mailers automatically stripped off the eighth bit, destroying the integrity of binary files.
Several security modes are available, including transparent access for UUCP communications.
The usefulness of computer networking - especially email - demonstrated by DARPA and Department of Defense contractors on the ARPANET was not lost on other communities and disciplines, so that by the mid-1970s computer networks began springing up wherever funding was found for the purpose, including the Department of Energy's MFENET and HEPNET, NASA's SPAN, the computer science community's CSNET, the academic community's BITNET, and USENET based on Unix UUCP protocols.