UUDUndang-Undang Dasar (Indonesian: Constitution; est. 1945; Indonesia)
UUDUnix to Unix Decoder
UUDUlan-Ude, Russia (Airport Code)
UUDUjung-Ujungnya Duit (Indonesian: It's All about Money)
UUDUp, up, down (subatomic composition of neutrons)
UUDUndergraduate University Division (various locations)
UUDUnited Utility Dog (UKC obedience title)
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[J.sup.P] = [0.sup.-] T = 1/2 M = ([M.sup.0] [M.sup.-]) J = 1/2 T = 1 [B.sub.1] = ([B.sup.++.sub.1] [B.sup.+.sub.1] [B.sup.0.sub.1]) J = 1/2 T = 1/2 [B.sub.2] = ([B.sup.++.sub.2] [B.sup.+.sub.2]) J = 3/2 T = 0 ([B.sup.++.sub.3] [J.sup.P] = [0.sup.-] [M.sup.0] = [bar.U]u, [M.sup.-] = [bar.U]d J = 1/2 [B.sup.++.sub.1] = Uuu, [B.sup.+.sub.1] = Uud, [B.sup.0.sub.1] = Udd J = 1/2 [B.sup.++.sub.2] = UUu, [B.sup.+.sub.2] = UUd J = 3/2 [B.sup.++.sub.3] = UUU Table 2: Characteristics of D-type hadrons.
While the "UUD" standard is somewhat vague it would seem
"Amien Rais: Pasal 29 UUD 45 Tak Akan Diubah" [Amien Rais: Article 29 of the 1945 constitution will not be changed], 29 July 2002 <http://www.gatra.com/2002-07-29/artikel.php?id=19348> (accessed 25 May 2010).
The UUD gives Madvertise the ability to offer advertisers campaigns in which it can track Click Through Rates (CTR), download and conversion tracking, target specific audiences by criteria such as location, as well as offer other "sophisticated" methods of behavioral targeting.
See also Kompas Daily, Amandemen Keempat UUD 195: Kegamamangan Menuju Terminal Akhir, 1 July 2002.
(62) Slamet Effendy Yusuf and Umar Basalim, Reformasi konstitusi Indonesia: Perubahan pertama UUD 1945 (Jakarta: Pustaka Indonesia Bersatu, 2000).
R uud van Nistelrooy is banned, but Ferguson can still call upon enough attacking tal-ent to get maximum points, with ex-Everton star Wayne Rooney fully expected to turn it on against his former club.
UUD VAN NISTELROOY has admitted it will take a long time to get over the sudden departure of Roy Keane from Manchester United.
As a matter of fact, most politicians I met were not hesitant to define politics of the reformasi era as politics of UUD, "ujung-ujungnya duwet", which means that the main purpose of politics is money.
(16.) Thomas Martin Schneider, Reichsbischof Ludwig Muller: Eine Untersuchung zu Leben, Werk uud Personlichkeit (Gottingen: Vanderhoeck & Ruprecht, 1993).