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UUGUnix Users Group
UUGUnix User Group
UUGUniversal Underwriters Group
UUGUndang-Undang Gangguan (Indonesian: Disorder Act)
UUGUndergraduate User Group (Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Cambridge, MA)
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Full name mRNA nucleotide triplets (codons) Alanine GCA, GCC, GCG, GCU Arginine AGA, AGG, CGA, CGC, CGG, CGU Asparagine AAC, AAU Aspartic acid GAC, GAU Cysteine UGC, UGU Glutamic acid GAA, GAG Glutamine CAA, CAG Glycine GGA, GGC, GGG, GGU Histidine CAC, CAU Isoleucine UA, AUC, AUU Leucine UUA, UUG, CUA, CUC, CUG, CUU Lysine AAA, AAG Methionine AUG (Start) Phenylalanine UUC, UUU Proline CCA, CCC, CCG, CCU Serine AGC, AGU, UCA, UCC, UCG, UCU Threonine ACA, ACC, ACG, ACU Tryptophan UGG Tyrosine UAC, UAU Valine GUA, GUC, GUG, GUU STOP UAA, UAG, UGA
For instance, the codons 'UUA', 'CUU', 'CUA' and 'UUG' are mapped to the same amino acid Leu.
Primers used in this study Target Primer Reference Bacteria S-D-Bact-339-a-S-20 (Magne et al, 2006) (15) S-D-Bact-788-a-A-19 Bifidobacteria S-G-Bif-164-a-S-18 (Satokari et al, 2001) (16) S-G-Bif-662-a-A-18 Enterobacteria Ent-1113 (Vasquez et al, 2010) (17) Ent-1418 Target Primer Sequence from 5' to 3' end Bacteria S-D-Bact-339-a-S-20 CTC CTA CGG GAG GCA GCA GT S-D-Bact-788-a-A-19 GGA CTA CCA GGG TAT CTA A Bifidobacteria S-G-Bif-164-a-S-18 GGG TGG TAA TGC CGG ATG S-G-Bif-662-a-A-18 CCA CCG TTA CAC CGG GAA Enterobacteria Ent-1113 UGG CAA CAA AGG AUA AGG Ent-1418 CUU UUG CAA CCA ACU Target Primer Tm Bacteria S-D-Bact-339-a-S-20 55[degrees]C S-D-Bact-788-a-A-19 Bifidobacteria S-G-Bif-164-a-S-18 62[degrees]C S-G-Bif-662-a-A-18 Enterobacteria Ent-1113 58[degrees]C Ent-1418
= GAT : = GCT 0 = ACT 1 = ACC 2 = TAG 3 = GAC 4 = GAG 5 = AGA 6 = TTA 7 = ACA 8 = AGG 9 = GCG Table 3: DNA XOR Truth Table [direct sum] A C G T (XOR) A A C G T C C A T G G G T A C T T G C A Table 4: The mRNA--Amino Acid Mapping Table Value Amino Codon 0 Ala GCA 1 Ala GCC 2 Ala GCG 3 Ala GCU 0 Arg AGA 1 Arg AGG 2 Arg CGA 3 Arg CGC 4 Arg CGG 5 Arg CGU 0 Asn AAC 1 Asn AAU 0 Asp GAC 1 Asp GAU 0 Cys UGC 1 Cys UGU 0 Gln CAA 1 Gln CAG 0 Glu GAA 1 Glu GAG 0 Gly GGA 1 Gly GGC 2 Gly GGG 3 Gly GGU 0 His CAC 1 His CAU 0 Ile AUA 1 Ile AUC 2 Ile AUU 0 Leu CUA 1 Leu CUC 2 Leu CUG 3 Leu CUU 4 Leu UUA 5 Leu UUG 0 Lys AAA 1 Lys AAG 0 Met AUG 0 Phe UUC 1 Phe UUU 0 Pro CCA 1 Pro CCC 2 Pro CCG 3 Pro CCU 0 Ser AGC 1 Ser AGU 2 Ser UCA 3 Ser UCC 4 Ser UCG 5 Ser UCU 0 (STOP) !!!
Vil l Although still reliant on either Aston lla or neighbours Liverpool slumping dra pu Eu ing a uug amatically during the closing weeks in ursuit of seventh place and the final uropa League berth, Moyes' men are keepg their side of the bargain.
For example, leucine has six codons: UUA, UUG, CUU, CUC, CUA, and CUG These characteristics define the degeneracy (changes of nucleotide in the third or second position of a codon) and redundancy (more than one codon per single amino acid) of genetic code; however, a codon specifies only one amino acid (no ambiguity) [Watson et al, 2004].
The Special Account Services Division of Universal Underwriters Group (UUG), a subsidiary of the Zurich Financial Services Group, of Switzerland, has developed a site for risk managers to access information to manage risk and control losses.
The synthesized sequences of Tim-4 siRNA were sense: 5'-CUA AAUCAC AUC AGA UCA ACA GCA GUU -3', and antisense: 5'-CUG CUG UUG AUC UGA UGU GAU UUA GUU -3'.