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UUGUnix User Group
UUGUniversal Underwriters Group
UUGUndang-Undang Gangguan (Indonesian: Disorder Act)
UUGUndergraduate User Group (Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Cambridge, MA)
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Provo Linux User Group (LUG) members, BYU LUG members, Provo UNIX User Group (UUG) members, BYU UUG members, BYU DevHood (a group of .
Razorfish teamed with UUG to develop and launch the eVSC B2B website for the company's leading finance and insurance product, Vehicle Service Contract.
UUG recently made a several million dollar and multi-year commitment to Segue for implementing LiveQuality Millennium for a corporate-wide effort to ensure the quality and reliability of their Year 2000 (Y2K) systems.
UUG is a subsidiary of Zurich Insurance Group of Zurich, Switzerland, one of the world's largest insurers.
Lithological and stratigraphic evalution of the Vysoke Myto syncline), MS UUG Praha (nepublikovano), (in Czech, unpublished).
1968, Tectonic map of the Czechoslovakia, UUG, Prague, (in Czech).
1967, Geologicka mapa CSSR, meritko 1:500 000, UUG.