UUHSCUniversity of Utah Health Sciences Center
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Originally founded as a single hospital in 1965, UUHSC is now made up of a network of community clinics, academic colleges, and various institutes and centers.
Bo Mendenhall, principal information security analyst at UUHSC, knew that proactive steps needed to be taken in order to protect the data being sent out over the network.
UUHSC was mindful of these considerations, and opted to beef up its wireless network security before a problem presented itself.
UUHSC sought a solution that would protect the information on its network without affecting the availability or integrity of the data, since it was critical that healthcare providers had access when they needed it.
After testing several options, UUHSC opted for AirDefense's Enterprise offering.
AppSense Environment Manager - Enables UUHSC IT to centrally set-up, lock-down and self-heal user environments.
To read more about the winning AppSense UUHSC deployment, please visit http://www.
UUHSC is also running VMware with AppSense on several Citrix boxes.
UUHSC has also purchased and will soon implement AppSense Environment Manager (a stand-alone product that is also part of the AppSense Security Solution).
Based on its tests and initial roll-out, UUHSC expects to realize several critical benefits including:
15-20% reduction in server farm over next 2 years, as UUHSC replaces its current servers with HP blades
In addition to using AppSense Performance Manager, UUHSC is also hoping to implement AppSense Application Manager, which automatically blocks 100% of unauthorized applications and executables, enabling IT to proactively secure systems in ways previously not possible.