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UUIDUniversal(ly) Unique Identifier
UUIDUnique User Identifier
UUIDUniversal User Identity
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Authentication based on location is as follows; a "token" which is a pair of some information generated by a Beacon such as UUID and OTP is generated only to a person who is closed to a specified location.
Em relacao a forma como de proceder a deteccao dos avatares, optamos pela utilizacao da funcao llGetObjectDetails() em que indicamos o UUID do avatar (aluno) a detectar como parametro e obtemos como retorno o vector de posicao desse mesmo avatar.
A UUID generator uses a complex algorithm, which takes into account factors, such as the current date and time, to produce a hexadecimal number that has a statistical guarantee of uniqueness.
There is no need to transfer the session identifier of any kind, because the query and uuid could be used as a unique identifier of the request.
It supports seven types of interfaces - Serial Port (RS 232), TCP/IP, UDP, Bluetooth, Virtual COM Port, GPS Gateway Android App and UUID based Bluetooth server.
In the presented use case a member from the university tries to open the door by sending his UUID by Bluetooth or RFID to the communication board.
The only additional step required is to invoke a separate program to register your new COM class and provide it with a UUID.
Why is working memory related to uuid intelligence?