UULUniversal Uranium Ltd. (mineral exploration; Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
UULUnited Uranium Limited (Australia)
UULUnison United Left
UULUppsala University Library (Finland)
UULUnilateral Ureteral Ligation
UULUtsunomiya University Library (Utsunomiay, Japan)
UULUnlimited User License
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If so, its co-presence with sara 'seagull' plugs into major, conjoined CYP-Torres Strait crocodile and seagull cults in kood and ku'uul rites, for which see Thomson (1933), Haddon (1935:224ff), and McConnell (1939).
To reduce fluid consumption, UUL's mobile solids control fluid recycle plant was introduced to the system.
At Zesen Uul the stockwork zone forms a sub vertical body of quartz-chalcopyrite-pyrite vein stockwork mineralisation.
The ancient Manjshir Monastery in the Bogd Uul Mountains southwest of the capital has a spectacular setting.
The Mineral Wealth Council of Mongolia confirmed Chinese firm Daqing Tamsag has proved 199 million tonnes of crude in the Toson Uul XIX oil field in the Tamsag basin in the southeast of the country.
In July and August 2008, Xola Consulting working under the auspices of the USAID funded Economic Policy Reform and Competitiveness project (EPRC) collaborated with EPRC and the Mongolia National Tourism Organization (MNTO) to identify five Adventure Tourism Hotspot destinations -- Altai Tavan Bogd National Park, Khar Nuur, Eej Khairkhan Uul, Tsenkheriin Agui, and Khyargus Nuur.
"During his period of uspension, there were not enough riders around ith a similar average to Powell's to provide good uest cover, so Richard uul came out of retirement two weeks ago fill the gap and has ridden really well.
Moving on to Mongolia but remaining in the KARP room at the Holiday Inn for one more what's-new visitation, let us glance briefly at a new find of aquamarine crystals in a pegmatite at Hutag uul ord, Suhbater aimag, Mongolia (very close, Ivo Szegeny says, to the Russian border).
121 34543 AMA.NITIN (a peptide), BEB.AKAKA (Madagascar), CYC.LOTOL (dor), DOD.DERED, EYE-LEVEL, GIG.AGIGA (Mozambique), HOH.O-OVOO Uul (mountain--Mongolia), ISI.DIOID (resembling one of the wart-like elevations on the thallus of a lichen), JIJ.OKOKO (N.