UUMAUnitarian Universalist Ministers Association
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These three concepts are ayaana (spirit), uuma (nature), and safu (moral and ethical order).
This is then transposed to explain the basic principles that embed themselves in the diverse Oromo institutions, since there is no distinction between the laws of thought, the laws of nature, history and society." The concept uuma includes everything created by Waaqa including ayaana.
The concepts Waaqa, Ayyaana, uuma and saffuu provide the metaphysical underpinning of an environmental ethic.
Uuma, if credit is going to be given, it must be you!
German (2) Ich gab ihm ein Buch 'I (NOM) gave him (DAT) a book' Eskimo (West Greenlandic; Fortescue 1984:88) (3) Uuma Niisi aningaasa-nik tuni-vaa that.erg Niisi money-INSTR.PL give-IND.3s->3s '(He) gave Nisi money' [FIGURE 6 OMITTED]