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UUNETUnix-To-Unix Network
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This merger is especially compelling because of the unique fit between MFS and UUNET," said James Q.
Infranet is supporting UUNET sites around the world and provides the company with a billing platform that enables us to quickly bring up new products in new countries," said Peter Olle, UUNET's Chief Information Officer.
While we have always provided Internet access to a wide range of international locations, via acquisitions, partnerships and our robust network of affiliate groups, we are pleased to offer UUNET branded service to the Pacific Rim.
Combining three dependable, high-performance access services into one account for corporate users truly enables the remote employee, whether they are a telecommuter or a road warrior," said Bob Hartnett, president & CEO, global accounts and UUNET.
A year ago, UUNET was a little known company in a relatively
We believe UUNET is the leader in the business marketplace, and we want to communicate that message clearly and effectively," said Sidgmore.
WorldCom today announced expansion of its global Internet network into Latin America with the opening of the company's UUNET regional headquarters in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
infrastructure products, today announced that UUNET Kenya Ltd.
Under the agreement, Wavetech and UUNET will team up to create, market and service business opportunities with Canadian-based Fortune 500 corporations and other targeted customers.
a developer of award-winning virtual private networking (VPN) solutions for the high-growth remote access market, today announced that it has joined the UUNET VPN Vendor Alliance Program.
This is a significant alliance for both Altiga and UUNET, and it recognizes a new and important VPN market -- enterprises that must manage their own VPNs, but require compatibility and services from service providers.
UUNET Australia has been advised by the registry for the offer that at the expiration of the tender offer at 1:00 A.