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UUSYuzhno-Sakhalinsk (Russia)
UUSUnunseptium (ekapolonium, element 117; hypothesized, yet to be discovered as of 2001)
UUSUllevål Universitetssykehus HF (Norwegian Teaching Hospital)
UUSUnitarian Universalist Society (various locations)
UUSUser to User Signaling (on ISDN)
UUSUnisys User Support (The ServiceDesk for the Unisys Corp.)
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Early 2009, the number of UUS was reduced by two as those of BRI and Bukopin became independent sharia banks.
In any event, the November/December 1997 issue of the UU journal World ran Warren Ross' article, "The Marginalized Majority: UU Humanism in the 1990s," with additional comment by humanist UU ministers Brian Eslinger, Sarah Oelberg, and Victoria Safford.
Monikord pandi varaloendisse kirja ainult eseme materjal (naiteks vill, siid, linane) ja seisukord (naiteks uus, vana, hea), aga varvi mitte.
UE-L1L2 Mobipass emulator" for Modem test ( UEs L1L2 emulation, up to 1024 Uus per sector in one 19" chassis)
Abhaasi autorid rohutavad aga, et uus usk puudutas esialgu peamiselt abhaasi ulikkonda ja oli kantud poliitilistest kaalutlustest.
Cameco Share Uranium Cameco UEM/UUS After Purchase Operation/Project Share Share of UEM & UUS Percent Percent Percent Key Lake (Saskatchewan) 66.
sajandi lopust surnuid poletamata matma uks uus pere/kogukond.