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UUSYuzhno-Sakhalinsk (Russia)
UUSUser to User Signaling
UUSUnunseptium (ekapolonium, element 117; hypothesized, yet to be discovered as of 2001)
UUSUllevål Universitetssykehus HF (Norwegian Teaching Hospital)
UUSUnitarian Universalist Society (various locations)
UUSUser to User Signaling (on ISDN)
UUSUnisys User Support (The ServiceDesk for the Unisys Corp.)
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On CT, UUS may appear as a large, lobulated soft-tissue mass that occasionally can demonstrate calcification or ossification.
However, in practice, it is difficult to estimate the distribution of Z without the help of the primary system or without the location information of UUs. Some works analytically derived a distribution of unauthorized signals when UUs are uniformly located in a cell [20], while other works assumed that the channel information, both for the PU and for the UU, can be obtained [17].
Development of advanced communications pathways will allow UUSs to contribute to the cross-domain fight directly, communicating with surface, air and space platforms.
Kongsberg Maritime is also the current leader in autonomous UUSs. Kongsberg started its UUS program in 1990 and bought its main competitor, Massachusetts-based Hydroid, Inc., in 2008.
Into this mix in 1995 were added John Paul II's statements in UUS that proposed what might be called an "ecumenical baptismal ecclesiology," which by its openness advanced the conversation about baptismal recognition:
Urban underground space (UUS) has been widely recognized as a valuable resources that can largely contribute to the shortage of space aboveground for urban development (Admiraal 2006; Bobylev 2009; Sterling 1997).
An increase in the number of BUS from Sharia Business Units (UUS) of conventional banks is not expected this year.
"Atlas is highly regarded within the industry for accelerated aging test instruments and associated outdoor and laboratory testing services and we are happy to collaborate with them," says Jeff Smidt, vice president and general manager of UUs Global Energy Business.
Liverpool, 2-7 favourites tonight to abuse the UUs, are 8-11 with Power to get 11 or more shots on target.
UUs' shares lost 0.4% at the close of trading on Tuesday and continued to fall yesterday.
Aeroflot launched the following A320 services Wednesday: from Vladivostok to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk (thrice-weekly), Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky (twice-weekly) and Khabarovsk (twice-weekly) and from KHV to UUS (thrice-weekly) and PKC (twice-weekly).
T ment work rday's game marks the end uus Hiddink's reign as porary coach and Lampard its the players have finally gned themselves to his rture.