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UUTUnit Under Test
UUTUnuntrium (element 113)
UUTUpper Urinary Tract
UUTUtility User's Tax
UUTUnauthorised Unit Trust (UK)
UUTUpper Urothelial Tumor
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Examination of resection (nephroureterectomy) material from patients with pelvic tumors in the UUT showed that CIS and dysplasia in different locations were present in 60-95% of cases, and recurrences were ultimately the result of a tendency toward multifocal localization (13).
VH is still regarded as the most common presenting symptom for UUT cancers, though the frequency of detecting such tumors in patients with VH is low (0.7-1.6%).
"How Nature is Used and Valued by Villagers in Two Villages in Uut Murung".
Hence, aim of this study is to compare the performance of the four most broadly available markers cytology, fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH), immunocytology (uCyt+), and nuclear matrix protein 22 (NMP22) when determined in urine derived from the bladder or directly from the UUT.
LUTS evaluation and management in MS patients is intended to identify those who are at risk for UUT deterioration and/or QOL impairment.
Uut tuupi ruumiprogrammiga ja kultuuri ning kunstide jaoks ehitatud maja valjendas uut kultuurimudelit: selles uutmoodi majas vois keskenduda kunstiharrastustele ehk tegevustele, mis polnud seotud igapaevase kohustusliku too ja leivateenimisega.
Step Description Identify each UUT component Component must be at the LRU level Identify potential failure modes each component All possible ways that the LRU can be foreseen to fail Identify any potential effect(s) of failure for each Direct and indirect events that can occur as a result of each LRU failure component Rank probability of SEVERITY of 0 = no effect likely, 1 = unexpected and hazardous effect very likely the effect (1-10) Evaluate potential cause(s) and/or mechanism(s) All possible scenarios that can lead to each failure for each LRU of failure Rank the probability of OCCURRENCE (0-1) 0 = scenario is unlikely, 1--scenario is highly likely List current design controls.
Aside from the Siang, Murung Raya is home to at least five other Dayak groups including the Murung people in the east of the regency, the so-called Uut Danum (or Ot Danum) in the north and west, the nomadic (or at least formerly nomadic) Punan in the far north, and a small number of people in the south and west who are known locally as "Kapuas" and "Kahayan," but whom the literature would most likely identify as "Nagju." Below I will consider how the Siang relate to these other groups.
The 61800's power can both sink and source from the UUT seamlessly to support countless applications.
Couderc shows how the Uut Danum of West Kalimantan contrast two forms of ancestorship, one that is generated through secondary burials, the other through the transformation of living people into spirit-animals.