UUTSUpper Urinary Tract Stone
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Due to the strong association between VH and underlying urological malignancy, the British Association of Urological Surgeons (BAUS) and the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE) have recommendedd complete evaluation of both the lower urinary tract (LUT) and upper urinary tract (UUT) to exclude a urinary tract abnormality.
This design not only improves performance due to the deterministic nature of digital control, it also enables higher levels of protection for both UUTs and the power source itself to be realized.
Current requirements When selecting an AC source for your test application, you must consider how much current your unit under test (UUT) will draw.
The implementation strategies are being driven by factors such as budget limitations, throughput issues and unit under test (UUT) designs.
These instances could create false failures or damage the UUT or even the test system.
Starting with the unit under test (UUT), there are sensors wired to signal conditioning (sensor excitation, filtering, and so on required for quality sensor measurements).
We call these runtime-defined instruments that can adapt to the specific UUT requirements and are either integrated into newer systems or added as ancillary equipment to older systems."
Frequently, it is used to address the higher performance requirements of newer UUTs."
The utilization of the subsystem components is optimized by the fact that they are used by many UUTs, which minimizes the overall hardware investment and related support costs.
Compared to UUTs tested on the earlier-generation testers, CBATS-tested UUTs remained in the field longer.
On the other hand, in a large test system used on multimillion dollar UUTs, the increased ruggedness of electromechanical relay contacts makes a difference.