UUWUnlawful Use of a Weapon (law enforcement)
UUWUltima Underworld (computer game)
UUWUniversity Union West (Binghamton University; New York)
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Over the five-year period to April 2010 UUW will invest another pounds 2.
The group has access to the international debt capital markets through its [euro]7 billion euro medium-term note programme which provides for the periodic issuance by United Utilities PLC and UUW of debt instruments on terms and conditions determined at the time the instruments are issued.
Building on the performance achieved in the first half of 2012/13, UUW has now moved up to 12th position out of 21 water companies on this qualitative measure for the financial year to date.
This follows extensive, constructive discussions between Ofwat, UUW and other water companies.
This follows a period of constructive dialogue between Ofwat and UUW, along with the wider water sector.
To aid further constructive dialogue, UUW has submitted alternative proposals to Ofwat for its consideration.
In addition, in November 2011, UUW agreed a further [pounds]200
Best service to customers Actions: Customer experience - UUW has established a customer experience programme to help deliver improved customer service.
Although UUW has made good progress, the business recognises that it needs to reduce further the number of customer complaints and remains focused on achieving further improvements as it aims for a target of 85%.
In addition, UUW expects to have improved its position in Ofwat's 2009/10 wastewater non-infrastructure serviceability assessment, returning all four asset classes to a "stable" rating.
Whilst UUW has delivered real progress, the business recognises that there is more to do and remains focused on delivering further improvements.
Earlier in the year, Moody's re-affirmed its A3 credit rating for UUW and we intend to continue to target this credit rating, which we believe best mirrors the regulatory assumptions underpinning the final determination and remains appropriate to maintain efficient access to debt capital markets.