UV-VisUltraViolet-Visible Spectroscopy
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(NYSE: A) has launched the Cary 3500 UV-Vis system, an innovative spectrophotometer designed to help life science, pharma and biopharma research communities simplify their analyses, optimise laboratory productivity, and ultimately help bring new therapeutics to market faster, the company said.
Vissim and UV-Vis. The laboratory report chart of PVA additive in Ag nanoparticle preparation (Vissim and UV-Vis) is shown in Figures 6-11.
Different pattern recognition algorithm with UV-Vis spectroscopy has been used to detect red wines [1-9].
De Lean-Rodriguez, "Simultaneous determination of methylxanthines in coffees and teas by UV-Vis spectrophotometry and partial least squares," Analytica chimica acta, vol.
In view of the extensive use of UV-VIS for NP characterization and monitoring of NP formation during synthesis reactions, we developed NanoUV-VIS, an interactive web application designed for the analysis of multiple UV-VIS absorbance spectra measured as a function of time.
Among the techniques of nanoparticles characterization the most commonly used are DLS [23, 28, 29] and UV-Vis spectroscopy [30-33].
Seamlessly compatible with Palintest's comprehensive range of reagent systems and accessories, the Palintest 9100 UV-Vis Spectrophotometer is ideal for water and environmental laboratories, educational institutions and industrial users who require high quality analytical performance at an affordable price.
The UV-1800 UV-VIS spectrophotometer is said to maintain the highest level of wavelength resolution in its class (1 nm), functioning as a standalone instrument or PC-controlled with USB memory.
Demand for conventional fluorescence spectroscopy, and to a lesser extent UV-VIS spectroscopy, continues to be siphoned off by microplate readers that can perform either, or in some cases both, of these analyses on a single platform.
UV-vis solution absorption spectra were recorded using a Hewlett-Packard 8452A spectrophotometer whereas the PL solution spectra were registered on a Fluorolog 3.12 Spex spectrometer with a 400 nm excitation line (450 W xenon lamp as the light source).
The annual site license includes a collection of software tools and over 1.2 million spectra, including all BinRad Sadtler spectra; 390,000 IR, NMR, Raman and mass spectra (including UV-Vis and additional NMR in Q4); and all John Wiley & Sons spectra.