UVARUniversity of Virginia Reactor (Charlottesville, VA)
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The equation from Orce & Helbling (1997) was used for calculating UVBR and UVAR doses expressed in kJ [m.sup.-2].
The surface daily doses of UVBR, UVAR and PAR both during the study and the pre-exposure period, showed variation (Orce & Helbling, 1997) (Fig.
Depending on the cointegrating properties between revenues and expenditures, these techniques are based on either variations of the unrestricted vector autoregression (UVAR) or the vector autoregression error correction model (ECM).l if, for example, the two budgetary variables are not cointegrated, then the application of causality (2) tests requires the use of stationary variables in the UVAR model.
The finding of cointegration implies that the standard UVAR specification is incorrectly specified, thereby casting doubt on the earlier causality test findings.
On the other hand, if the two series are not cointegrated, then the application of the causality tests requires that [x.sub.t] and [r.sub.t] should simply be converted to stationary series by first-differencing before entering the UVAR.
We refer to [summation over (i)][S.sup.2.sub.ist][[sigma].sup.2.sub.i] as the uncorrelated output variance (UVAR) and [summation over (i)][summation over (i[not equal to]j)][S.sub.ist][S.sub.jst][[sigma].sub.ij] as the co-movement variance (CVAR).
However, table 1 shows that the greater volatility in Ohio relative to North Dakota is due to the greater CVAR in Ohio (UVAR is almost the same for the two states)--in other words, Ohio is more "volatile" than North Dakota because of the higher degree of co-movement exhibited by Ohio's industry mix.
The unrestricted VAR test, UVAR, tests for the joint significance of the estimated values of [beta].sub.11], [[beta].sub.12], [[beta].sub.21], and [[beta].sub.22]; under the null hypothesis, these should be zero--levels should not enter the set of equations.
Uvadex solution is FDA-approved for extracorporeal administration with the Therakos Uvar XTS or Cellex Photopheresis System in the palliative treatment of the skin manifestations of Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma, or CTCL, that is unresponsive to other forms of treatment.