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UVBUltraviolet B
UVBUnion Volksbank Vöcklamarkt (Austrian soccer club)
UVBUltrasound Velocity Through Bone (osteoporosis)
UVBUnterduck-Verdampfer-Brunnen (system used to treat contaminated groundwater)
UVBUterine Venous Blood
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They found a statistically significant relationship between lower UVB exposure over the whole of pregnancy and the risk of learning disabilities.
"This was reflected in the research which revealed Stirling in Scotland as the city with lowest UVB in 2018.
The cells were then irradiated, covered with a thin layer of phosphate buffer saline (PBS), and exposed to UVB (30 mJ/[cm.sup.2], 280-320 nm) for 8, 16, and 24 h from a bank of lamps (Spectronics Corp., USA) that were placed at a distance of 25 cm.
Optimized UVB treatment of atopic dermatitis using skin reflectance measurements.
The stars range from 0-5 and indicate the percentage of UVA radiation absorbed by the sunscreen in comparison to UVB. The higher the better.
So, what is the difference between UVB and UVA rays?
SPF15 blocks 93 percent of UVB rays while SPF30 blocks 97 percent.
In the current study, to explore the relation between aberrant DNA hydroxymethylation and skin photoaging, we chose 40 mJ/cm [sup]2 and 80 mJ/cm [sup]2 doses of UVB irradiation to treat HaCaT cells and investigated the levels of TETs, 5mC, and 5hmC expression, 24 h after irradiation.
The experiments showed that carvedilol acted by protecting cells against the cancer-causing DNA damage and cell death produced by UVB.
At 24 hours after UVB exposure, corneal epithelial cell layer was preserved in mice treated orally with 50 mg/kg nano-AST.
In this study, we studied the protective effects of these herbs against UVB and explored the mechanisms of how P.