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UVBUltraviolet B
UVBUnion Volksbank Vöcklamarkt (Austrian soccer club)
UVBUltrasound Velocity Through Bone (osteoporosis)
UVBUnterduck-Verdampfer-Brunnen (system used to treat contaminated groundwater)
UVBUterine Venous Blood
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In the current study, to explore the relation between aberrant DNA hydroxymethylation and skin photoaging, we chose 40 mJ/cm [sup]2 and 80 mJ/cm [sup]2 doses of UVB irradiation to treat HaCaT cells and investigated the levels of TETs, 5mC, and 5hmC expression, 24 h after irradiation.
Hairless mice exposed to UVB and given carvedilol showed decreases in both the severity and number of tumours that developed compared to those not given carvedilol.
Defends against UVB rays while beta carotene's antioxidant properties protect dry skin and keep it soft and hydrated.
However, most commercial creams and ointments--with or without UVB exposure--are not tested for carcinogenic activity, according to the authors.
Una de las ventajas de la UVA-1 frente al PUVA es que no se requiere el uso de psoralenos, evitando asi los efectos secundarios asociados, menor riesgo de quemadura y facilidad para calcular la dosis (27,29); sin embargo, esta terapia es hasta tres veces mas costosa que la convencional con UVA y UVB (25).
If you're in a blue or turning-blue area--anywhere except the South and Southwest--in November, you're not going to get much UVB sunlight to make vitamin D.
Most people either thought the SPF was an indication of levels of protection from both UVB and UVA or simply did not know what the rating stood for.
The objective of the study was to obtain preliminary baseline information on daily patterns of voluntary UVB exposure and UVB dose of the Texas horned lizard in the context of its thermal environment during sunny warm days at a North Central Texas locality where the species is abundant and protected.
At higher latitudes, the amount of vitamin D-producing UVB light reaching the earth's surface goes down in the winter because of the low angle of the sun.
Now University of Aberdeen researchers are looking for healthy volunteers to help them examine the effects of vitamin D supplements and artificial UVB light - mimicking sunlight - on the immune system.