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UVCUSB Video Class
UVCUltraviolet C
UVCUniform Vehicle Code
UVCUmbilical Venous Catheter
UVCUniversal Virtual Computer
UVCUniversal Viscosity Curve
UVCUrban Voice in Comics (magazine)
UVCUniversal Voice Channel
UVCUnit Voting Counselor
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In these processes and industries, UVC LED based sensors have been shown to lower costs, increase productivity and meet regulatory and quality control requirements.
The compact nature of UVC LEDs also allows for more uniform disinfection in a room--regardless of shape or size.
different types of traffic laws and compares them to UVC provisions
When the effect of UVC on heart rate variability was evaluated, no statistically significant difference was found in terms of time-domain and frequency-domain variables between the groups with and without UVC (Table 5).
diameter) of nylon and PVC were used, allowing duplicate UVC exposures of the selected materials to be run simultaneously.
Unlike one-size-fits-all video infrastructure, the LifeSize UVC Platform gives IT decision makers the flexibility to:
Three UVC germicidal lamps were used for each surface, and the distance between the lamps and the element surfaces was about 20 cm (7.
UVC light kills tuberculosis bacteria, including drug-resistant strains, by damaging their DNA so they cannot infect people, grow or divide.
Cooking emissions are drawn into the hood and through a series of filters before coming into contact with the UVC light, which breaks down grease particles.
coli and salmonella, in ten seconds by using "multi-wavelength" UV technology, combining UVA, UVB and UVC rays.
One solution is to choose a filter with a built in UVC clarifier, which kills water-borne algae by way of exposing it to ultra-violet light.
The findings of the study, which used high-output UVC lights manufactured by Steril-Aire Inc.