UVCSUltraviolet Coronagraph Spectrometer
UVCSUnadilla Valley Central School (New Berlin, NY)
UVCSUpper Valley Christian School (Leavenworth, WA)
UVCSUniverse Console System (IBM Universe Database)
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The inquest heard inserting a UVC was especially difficult because premature babies are very small.
Recording a finding of medical misadventure, she said a UVC line may not be been appropriate given it was put in at night around 12 hours after the original decision had been taken to insert it.
She said: "The UVC was misplaced from the start and a failure to follow Trust's guidelines resulted in the continued use of that UVC.
A registrar inserted a umbilical veinous catheter (UVC) that can be used to infuse sick babies with nutrition and antibiotics.
He said: 'This child was doing well until the UVC was introduced and then began to deteriorate very rapidly so I took the view that it was more likely because of the insertion of the UVC'."
The flow diagrams shown in Figure 1 illustrate the distinctive natures of the three paradigms: (1) the unilateral, traditional paradigm; (2) the bilateral, partnering paradigm; and (3) the multilateral, UVC paradigm.
Such results may require negotiation across the UVC rather than simple performance planning and analysis.
The proposed joint goal for the UVC is to design, build, market, and bring into service a new-generation truck tractor.
The quantity produced and sold is greater because the increased product value (whereby value is measured by the ratio of perceived value divided by life cycle costs) allows the UVC to capture an increased market share.
Less money is being tied up at any time, which affects accounts receivable levels throughout the UVC and reduces the level of capital committed to acquiring and maintaining inventory.
Not to be overlooked is the impact of the UVC's taking into account a principal feature of contemporary business: the rate of technological change.