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UVEUnité de Valorisation Energétique (French: Energy Recovery Unit)
UVEUnión Vegetariana Española (Spanish: Spanish Vegetarian Union; Spain)
UVEUniversidad Virtual Empresarial (Spanish: Corporate Virtual University; Mexico)
UVEUser Virtual Environment
UVEUltimate Vehicle Enhancements (Australia)
UVEUrinary Volumetric Excretion
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The spectral data extraction, SPA, UVE, UVE-SPA, iPLS, BiPLS, FiPLS, CARS, GA-PLS, and SVM were conducted on Matlab R 2010b (The Math Works, Natick, MA, USA).
where downward fluxes were obtained from TEMIS archived UVE irradiances.
"If pay TV operators really get pay-per-view working in Spain, vidsales growth could slow, like VHS in the late '80s," says UVE's general secretary Jose Manuel Tourne.
(NYSE: UVE) today announced that it has sold 583,771 shares of common stock to RenaissanceRe Ventures Ltd., a subsidiary of RenaissanceRe Holdings Ltd.
(NYSE: UVE) said in a privately negotiated transaction, it has repurchased 200,000 shares from Ananke Catastrophe Investments Limited, an affiliate of Nephila Capital Ltd.,
Im sure uve told him how worrid u r n think hes bein a fool - thats all u can do.
In late 1995, market researcher Sofres increased its consumer market research panel from 800 to 6,000 and the results were made available to the Spanish distrib association Union Videografico Espanola (UVE).
(NYSE: UVE) said it has acquired Aplin Peer & Associates, Inc.