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We live in "They are advertising the UVF like it's a proper organisation.
Following the horrific attack, survivors confirmed the UVF gang tried to wipe out the remaining band members, firing round after round into their limp bodies.
LVF feuding with the UVF continued and there were several deaths.
He added: "The leadership of the UVF and RHC have today taken a bold and courageous decision for peace.
Police began investigations into the Liverpool branch of the UVF after loyalist in-fighting led to assassination attempts on the life of hnny "Mad Dog" Adair after he had fled to Bolton from Belfast.
Irwin, a builder and father of one, was jailed for two and a half years after admitting UVF membership.
There had been speculation that the party would distance itself from the UVF, which has been linked to at least four deaths in its feud with the LVF.
The Sunday Mail revealed in September how leading Scottish UVF member Taube, of Balornock, Glasgow, was in an argument with an unknown man at the bash and it led to violence.
It was the second of its type mounted by the UVF in the greater north Antrim area, a source said.
Founded in 2001, the UVF is an education-based venture capital/private equity fund that raises funds for students to invest in innovative start-up companies.
However, a unionist councillor claimed residents had no issue with the UVF stone.
THERE'S still a UVF death threat hanging over would-be killer David Madine - despite him being behind bars, we can reveal.