UVHUniventricular Heart (cardiology)
UVHUniforme Voorwaarden Horeca (Dutch: Uniform Conditions for the Hotel and Catering Industry)
UVHUnilateral Vestibular Hypofunction (equilibrium)
UVHUniversity of Virginia Hospital (Charlottesville, VA)
UVHUpward Vermal Herniation
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Abbreviations: BVH = bilateral vestibular hypofunction, cDVA = computerized test of dynamic visual acuity, DVA = dynamic visual activity, E-ETDRS = electronic Early Treatment of Diabetic Retinopathy Study, ENG = electronystagmography, ETDRS = Early Treatment of Diabetic Retinopathy Study, EVA = electronic visual acuity, ICC = intraclass correlation coefficient, NIH = National Institutes of Health, SD = standard deviation, SVA = static visual acuity, UVH = unilateral vestibular hypofunction, VH = vestibular hypofunction, VOR = vestibular ocular reflex.
Jonathan Sabiston, 13, from Valley Gardens, plays drums and guitar for the band Ultra Violet Haze, or UVH.
Charlie Nozares of MMDA-Metrobase said the bag was left inside a Kellen bus with license plate UVH 677 that was plying along the northbound lane of EDSA-Ortigas when it was found around 12:44 p.
A contract to Budapest metro line M3 server subway carriages modernization combined with the renovation of the National Transport Authority UVH / VF / 3308/2 / 2014th Based on pre-defined conceptual model file number issued pursuant to the authorization set out by the BKV Zrt.
Policemen have not yet identified the taxi driver who had been using Raciles' driver's license although a closed circuit television camera footage at the Varsity Hills gate showed the taxi to be a Jericho Roy taxi with license plate UVH 459.