UVHUniventricular Heart (cardiology)
UVHUniforme Voorwaarden Horeca (Dutch: Uniform Conditions for the Hotel and Catering Industry)
UVHUnilateral Vestibular Hypofunction (equilibrium)
UVHUniversity of Virginia Hospital (Charlottesville, VA)
UVHUpward Vermal Herniation
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Syafiq Abd Rahaman and acknowledge University Veterinary Hospital (UVH), Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Universiti Putra Malaysia, and Aquaria KLCC for their technical assistance.
However, few nonlinear measurements have been applied to quantify the gait of patients with UVH, and the relationship between the vestibular functional asymmetry and gait disorders remains unclear.
In patients with UVH, this can occur during ipsilesional head rotations [20-22].
The two stages can be performed efficiently, requiring O(UVH + [D.sup.2]) operations per image, where H is the number of subimages (12 in our experiments), U and V are the frequency and rotation of the Gabor filter bank, respectively, and D is the number of classes.
While UVH is more common than BVH in adults, we are unaware of the incidence of UVH in children or its effect on DVA in children.
However, unlike the Islamic terrorist groups discussed in this article, neither the Kach & Kahane Chai nor the UVH seeks to create an authoritarian religious world.
UVH 567, hit the back portion of a JAC Liner bus with plate No.
Jonathan Sabiston, 13, from Valley Gardens, plays drums and guitar for the band Ultra Violet Haze, or UVH.
Charlie Nozares of MMDA-Metrobase said the bag was left inside a Kellen bus with license plate UVH 677 that was plying along the northbound lane of EDSA-Ortigas when it was found around 12:44 p.m.