UVLSUnder-Voltage Load Shedding
UVLSUltra Violet Line Scan
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UVL, if required to install near the elbow, this can be advantageous.
Results Obtained from the CFD Analysis--Equipment not Affected by the Airflow Stream Lines Conditions but Can Perform Better if Stream Lines Conditions are Considered Equipment Optimum Location to form the Beginning of the Duct Elbow Fitting UVL Downstream of elbow within 2 m (6.56 ft).
If we are able to locate the exact candidate bus where if the load shedding is executed will result in recovery in voltage profile, then UVLS will yield maximum success.].
From table [1], it is clear that load buses 9 and 6 are critical buses and buses 11 and 13 are least effective for UVLS implementation.
The pre load shed reactive power flow of this bus is 68.80 MVAR and post load shed reactive power is 70.74 MVAR UVLS is implemented in three steps on bus 9.
Any how, any tools that accelerate the decision making process for UVLS will be a good supporting aid for local load center operators.
National VA policy requires that all requests for UVL lifts must be submitted to VA Central Office in Washington, D.C., for consideration.
VA then adds another 25% to that basic figure, plus the actual cost of a UVL. This determines the limit VA will pay for the modifications that allow vehicle access.