UVPUnder Voltage Protection
UVPUnique Value Proposition
UVPUltrasonic Velocity Profile
UVPUltrasonic Vibration Potential
UVPUnité Voiture Particulière (French: Passenger Car Unit)
UVPUltraviolet Peroxide
UVPUrban Village Plan
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The PCR product was separated by 2% agarose gel electrophoresis, and the gels were viewed by UV transillumination, photographed with the UVP EC3 gel imaging system.
The contract is the delivery of a unique combined instrument systems for molecular medicine with accessories for UVP Medipark Ko ice.
2] min-1), as measured by a portable digital radiometer (UVX Digital Radiometer UVP inc.
The processing of the DGGE gels was done using the UVP Laboratory Imaging and Analysis System (UVP Doc-It v4.
In addition to hardware systems, UVP exhibited a variety of image analysis products, including VisionWorksLS image acquisition and analysis software, designed as a sophisticated package for 1-D analysis of gels, plates and membranes, as well as colony counting.
The UVP has the consistency of talcum powder and was placed on four hand railings located in the main stairwell of the Commons of WFHS.
Rasmuson, "A Comparative Study of UVP and LDA Techniques for Pulp Suspensions in Pipe Flow," AIChE J.
Specimens were examined under a portable, battery-operated, long-wave ultraviolet lamp Model ML-49 (manufactured by UVP Incorporated, P.
Anyone with information about Susan or the Fiesta, registration number E396 UVP, can contact police on 0121 322 6020.
Prior to founding 3D Systems, Hull served six years as vice president of engineering at UVP Inc.
Prior to founding 3D Systems, he served as vice president of engineering at systems manufacturing company UVP, Inc.