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UVSUnabhängiger Verwaltungssenat (Austria)
UVSUnmanned Vehicle Systems
UVSUltraviolet Spectrometer (Galileo instrument)
UVSUniversal Voice System
UVSUltraviolet-Sensitive (syndrome)
UVSUndervalued Shares (investment blog and community)
UVSUniversity of Veterinary Science (Myanmar)
UVSUniversité Victor Segalen (French university)
UVSUltimate Valeting Services (UK)
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The self-contained, fully adjustable and portable SpyderScope UVS is durable and weather-resistant in any climate.
Strapped in the payload bay of the shuttle, a suite of instruments known as the International Extreme Ultraviolet Hitchhiker will cast its UV eyes on Jupiter and its moons, the sun, and a host of hot stars.
The system is scheduled to become operational in 2004; installation work of the UV equipment will start in mid-2003.