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UVSUnabhängiger Verwaltungssenat (Austria)
UVSUnmanned Vehicle Systems
UVSUltraviolet Spectrometer (Galileo instrument)
UVSUniversal Voice System
UVSUltraviolet-Sensitive (syndrome)
UVSUndervalued Shares (investment blog and community)
UVSUniversity of Veterinary Science (Myanmar)
UVSUniversité Victor Segalen (French university)
UVSUltimate Valeting Services (UK)
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The self-contained, fully adjustable and portable SpyderScope UVS is durable and weather-resistant in any climate.
The UVSCALE, in which color optical density changes according to the accumulated amount of UV light, enables to visually examine if the entire surface of the subject is equally irradiated with UV light.
Strapped in the payload bay of the shuttle, a suite of instruments known as the International Extreme Ultraviolet Hitchhiker will cast its UV eyes on Jupiter and its moons, the sun, and a host of hot stars.
An extensive review process involving other major UV manufacturers was undertaken by CH2M HILL to select the UV supplier for the Cedar River Project.