UvTUniversiteit van Tilburg (Netherlands)
UVTUniversité Virtuelle de Tunis (French: Virtual University of Tunis; Tunisia)
UVTWest University of Timisoara (Timis, Romania)
UVTUnidad de Valor Tributario (Tax Value Unit; Colombia)
UVTUniversitatea Valahia Targoviste (Romanian: Walachia University Targoviste; Targoviste, Romania)
UVTUser Verification Test
UVTUniversal Venturi Tube
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99% of 380-400 nm UVt MAX emitted by the screens of mobile and computer devices.
Red Spot Paint & Varnish Company had a wide variety of products, including its UVT 2525 EZ Recoat for metal cylinder applications, and its successful combination of UVB 700 metallic basecoat for plastic wheel trim applications, which is ideal when used with UVT 700 high performance topcoat for wheel trim applications.
It will provide short-range tactical secure voice communications, interface with the UVT to extend tactical secure voice over the horizon and provide the Global Positioning System (GPS) reporting and targeting.
reveals cost savings greater than the one-time cost of purchasing the UVT monitor.
Comco, Mark Andy, Rotoflex and UVT are all backed by MAX, the most complete and thorough customer service and support in the industry.
The decision enables Transamerica to focus on its core mission to create a better financial future for its clients by automating unit value pricing and share trading using the best UVT solution in the industry.
For UVT Hamry - Folding electric fryer - 1 piece- Electric furnace trE[degrees]troubovEi - 1 piece- Electric boiler with a double-jacketed - 1 piece- Stove celoelektrickE' with electric oven - 1 piece.
This module complements the large selection of geostatistical and analytical capabilities of the SKUA Reservoir Module, and leverages the uncompromising, stratigraphically-consistent geological grids made possible by the patented UVT transform.
UVT products are premier, affordable, high-volume curing systems for new press installations, up-grades, and retrofitted installations.
The computation of the SKUA UVT transform relies on solving a large system of equations representing geological constraints given by the users," said Jean-Claude Dulac, Paradigm executive vice president, science and technology.
SKUA Prospect Architecture helps enforce structural and stratigraphic integrity using SKUA powerful UVT Transform(TM) and enables 3D seismic chrono- stratigraphic interpretation.
Heat is the single biggest challenge with UV," says Feltz of UVT, "especially when dealing with heat sensitive materials, such as films.