UvTUniversiteit van Tilburg (Netherlands)
UVTUniversité Virtuelle de Tunis (French: Virtual University of Tunis; Tunisia)
UVTWest University of Timisoara (Timis, Romania)
UVTUnidad de Valor Tributario (Tax Value Unit; Colombia)
UVTUniversitatea Valahia Targoviste (Romanian: Walachia University Targoviste; Targoviste, Romania)
UVTUser Verification Test
UVTUniversal Venturi Tube
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99% of 380-400 nm UVt MAX emitted by the screens of mobile and computer devices.
Red Spot Paint & Varnish Company had a wide variety of products, including its UVT 2525 EZ Recoat for metal cylinder applications, and its successful combination of UVB 700 metallic basecoat for plastic wheel trim applications, which is ideal when used with UVT 700 high performance topcoat for wheel trim applications.
It will provide short-range tactical secure voice communications, interface with the UVT to extend tactical secure voice over the horizon and provide the Global Positioning System (GPS) reporting and targeting.
Figure 3 shows one of the six veto paddles from the prototype attached to a Polycast UVT acrylic light guide.
The unit has an on-line UVT monitor that tracks effluent quality and flow rates so lamp output can be adjusted automatically to maintain disinfection standards.
In 1996, funds for IVT, CVT, UVT, and other VET-related activities accounted for 51.
2% of UVA radiation and 89 [+ or -] 0% of UVB radiation while UVT Plexiglas absorbs only 9 [+ or -] 1% and 13 [+ or -] 2% of UVA and UVB, respectively (means [+ or -] 1 SE, based on six determinations using natural light at midday with Spectroline DM-365X and DM-300X UV meters).
The CP-356 UVT is a highly specialized acrylic polymer for disposable medical devices where the maximum degree of optical clarity is needed, including blood cuvettes and products for blood and fluid analysis.
In the annals UVT, author Daniela Robu, states: "In conclusion, I can say briefly that music has a great influence on the rhythm of the movement, it helps to externalization, expressing emotional states.
800 dolares PPA) y hasta 2,500 UVT (61,4 millones de pesos de 2010) por contribuciones a fondos de cesantias inferiores a la doceava parte del ingreso gravable anual (18).
Providing leading global brands including Comco and Mark Andy printing equipment, Rotoflex finishing solutions and UVT curing systems, Mark Andy offers a full spectrum of web flexo-graplnc solutions for the tag and label industry, as well as the folding carton and flexible packaging markets.
8) La UVT, unidad de valor tributario, es la medida de valor creada para efectos tributarios que permite equiparar y actualizar los montos de las bases de imposicion, exenciones y sanciones, entre otros rubros, a la realidad inflacionaria con base en la variacion del Indice de Precios al Consumidor (IPC).