UVTAUpper Valley Trails Alliance
UVTAUltraviolet Technology of Australasia (Glynde, South Australia, Australia)
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Regardless of whether this provision is the most efficient solution for determining governing law, or if it even works, many advisors suggest that DAPT proponents still have the ability to uphold a DAPT even if the settlor is living in a UVTA state, assuming the DAPT state has not adopted the UVTA in its entirety as currently drafted.
Estate planners in various states, particularly the DAPT states, need to be aware of the fact that, while the UVTA law prevents some abuses of asset protection trust planning, it can also go too far as currently drafted and prevent legitimate estate and wealth preservation planning which should not be happening.
title=Voidable%20Transactions%20Act%20Amendments%20(2014)%20-%20Formerly%20Fraudulent%20Transfer%20Act (last visited May 1, 2017) (showing California, Idaho, New Mexico, North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Michigan, Kentucky, North Carolina, Utah and Georgia have enacted the UVTA in the "Enactment Status Map").