UVVAUnborn Victims of Violence Act
UVVAUsk Valley Vaughan Association (est. 1996; UK)
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Bruchs characterizes the UVVA as the first federal legal recognition of personhood for the unborn and places heavy emphasis on the fact that the UVVA draws no distinction between previable and viable fetuses.
However, opponents of the UVVA believe that its hidden agenda is to expand fetal rights so drastically that they begin to override the rights of a pregnant woman (8) recognized by the U.
Next, this article will detail the legislative history and intent behind the UVVA and its amendment to the UCMJ.
We still have a long way to go but coverage of the signing of UVVA is a hopeful sign.
These groups have opposed the UVVA even though it does not apply to legal abortion or to actions of the mother with respect to her own unborn child.
UVVA supporters refer to this as "the single-victim substitute.
According to recent press reports and other sources, in recent weeks, Sharon Rocha has sent personal letters to a number of senators, imploring them to support the UVVA and to oppose a competing proposal (called a "substitute amendment") being promoted by opponents of the bill.
Nebraska passed its UVVA measure almost unanimously and Gov.
Johnson would be between a rock and a hard place in filibustering the bill when his constituents want the UVVA passed and his senior colleague wants it to disappear.
There is quite a bit of information on NRLC's grassroots campaign to pass the UVVA in the Senate.
Commenting on the Arkansas Supreme Court decision to Reuters Health, Greg Crist, a spokesman for UVVA supporter House Majority Leader Dick Armey (R-Tx.
Indeed, part of what made the debate over the UVVA "as charged as any of the abortion debates of past years," according to the New York Times, was a series of educational ads that retraced the tragic story of a Wisconsin woman, Tracy Scheide Marciniak.