UVWUnloaded Vehicle Weight
UVWUitkeringsgerechtigde Volledig Werklozen (Dutch: Full Benefit Unemployed)
UVWUltraViolent Wrestling (computer simulated wrestling league)
UVWTexture Coordinate System in 3D Environments (modeling)
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As shown in Table 2, the performance of UVW is better than HSV and RGB.
* UVW commutation signals available for any pole pair count ranging from 1 to 16.
Finally, suppose [[pi].sub.j+1] < [[pi].sub.j] and that [[pi].sub.j-1][[pi].sub.j][[pi].sub.j+1] = uvw is an occurrence of 132.
Hence, we obtain the radar LOS coordinate system X"Y"Z', i.e., UVW, where the vertical axis is just in the LOS direction.
Journalists were forbidden from reporting that a hearing had taken place and UVW was forbidden "from misusing private information related to the claimant".
Uitvoering Werknemersverzekeringen (UVW) Yes Sociale Verzekeringsbank (SVB) Yes Raden voor Rechtsbijstand (RvR) No Autoriteit Financiele Markten (AFM) Yes Centraal Fonds Volkshuisvesting CFV) No Fonds Beeldende Kunsten, Vormgeving en No Bouwkunst (fBKVB) Participatiefonds/Vervangingsfonds (Pf/Vf) Yes Nederlandse Zorgautoriteit (NZA) No Nederlandse Mededingingsautoriteit (NMa) No Nederlandse Algemene Keuringsdienst voor Yes Zaaizaad en Pootgoed (NAK) College voor Zorgverzekeringen (CVZ) No REFERENCES
UVW system is more practicable (since 1931 it was held as the main one, though is best only for small colour differences, e.g., for colour reproducing quality of different light sources).
* The employment placement service (CWI) and the benefit providers (UVW) are merged and a network of 100 Service Desks for Work and Income is being created to ensure that employers and job seekers deal with a single organisation.
[f.sub.u]{u,v,w) = [1/[(1 + uvw).sup.2]]], [f.sub.v]{u,v,w) = -[[u.sup.2]w/[(1 + uvw).sup.2]]], [f.sub.w]{u,v,w) = - [u.sup.2]v/[(1 + uvw).sup.2]]].
Nun haben zwei Laguerre-Kegel K, M mit verschiedenen Spitzenpunkten, welche drei distante Punkte u, v, w gemeinsam haben, die Kette (uvw) zu ihrem genauen Durchschnitt.
The 5 mm X 5 mm QFN28 package contains the integrated Hall sensors with signal amplifier and gain control, two A/D converter for incremental (ABZ, 12-bit) and commutation signals (UVW), integrated RS-422 line drivers and the serial BiSS/SSI-interface.
Using animal infectivity tests, the authors evaluated a water disinfection device, UV Waterworks [TM] (UVW), for its ability to inactivate cryptosporidium parvum oocysts.