UWATUniversal Wing Actuator Tool
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Tribes Boundary Point Between: Kelabit Long Lellang and Kayan Long Pengaran (after negotiation and concession, otherwise it was traditionally Fort Merigong) (73) Kelabit Long Lellang and Kenyah Long Sa'it (74)/Ra'an Lellang (75) Kelabit Long Seridan and Kayan Ra'an Sedam Kelabit Long Seridan and Berawan Ikup Long Ta'o (76) Kelabit Long Peluan and Kenyah/Kayan Long Metapeh (77) Kelabit Long Seridan and Lun Bawang Long Sidung (78) Kelabit Long Seridan and Tabun Long Sidung Kelabit Pa' Lungan and Lun Bawang Ra'an Buluh' Kelabit Pa' Umur and Berian Ra'an Mekang Kelabit Pa' Bengar and Kerayan Ra'an Liwan Kelabit Pa' Dalih and Saban (Pa' Nar) Apad Bawang Runan Kelabit Pa' Mein and Berian / Kerayan Apad Uwat
In a culture that still relies mainly on mental maps, the elders speak of their ancestral land encompassing an area described as: From Gunung Murud (eastward) to Ra'an Bulu' to Apad Gerawat to Buduk Udan to Ra'an Mekang to Ra'an Abang Bulu' to Apad Uwat to Ra'an Liwan to Punang Dalih to Punang Di'it to Apad Bawang Runan to Apad Riku' to Batu Kalung to Punang Belah (Punang Balung), Long Metepeh to Meriggong to Pengaran, and going westward from Gunung Murud, to Sipan Pa' Adan and Kerabangan to Perubpu' to Sipan Buduk Buyo to Ra'an Terap to Long Mutang to Ra'an Sedan.
(4) The Kelabits have always referred to this mountain range as Apad Uwat, Apad means 'mountain range,' and uwat, is a root, describing the "root like" top of the mountain range.