UWB BPFUltra-Wideband Bandpass Filter (radio technology)
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Generating a notch band in a UWB BPF is an effective and feasible method to solve this problem.
Also, a modified EBG-embedded MMR for UWB BPF with improved upper-stopband performance has been explored in (D.
The TMSIR coupled into the interdigital coupled lines of the basic UWB BPF can be modeled as three shunt series resonant branches.
However, the existing wireless networks such as 3.5 GHz WiMAX signals, 5.8 GHz WLAN signals, and some 8.0 GHz satellite communication systems signals can easily interfere with UWB users, therefore, compact UWB BPF with multiple notched bands is emergently required to reject these interfering signals [9-15].
The measured group delay of the fabricated UWB BPF with notch band implementation at 5.5 GHz is shown in Fig.
Caption: Figure 18: Schematic diagrams of UWB BPF [58]: (a) top view, (b) bottom view, (c) top view with notch band implementation, and (d) bottom view with notch band implementation.
In this paper, a novel microstrip-line UWB BPF using modified MMR with compact size, sharp rejection skirt and wide upper stopband is presented.
The frequency responses obtained from circuit simulation, fullwave EM simulation and measurement of the UWB BPF are shown in Fig.
As it can be seen, the proposed UWB BPF has the advantage of sharp selectivity and compact size.
Based on simulated results and optimized dimensions (for required band pass and band stop characteristic) a prototype UWB BPF is fabricated.
Recent studies, developed in Kanagawa and Saitoma Universities, proposed synthesis theories for UWB BPFs based on equivalent transmission line circuits [11].