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The UWCC is intended to deal with only the most serious cases arising especially out of the LRA conflict, namely those committed by the Commanders who gave the orders to the troops to commit those crimes.
Chris Pearson, vice president of marketing of the UWCC, said "TDMA continues to be the wireless technology of choice for consumers throughout the western hemisphere." He added, "Including analog customers, TDMA operators will serve an estimated 65 million subscribers worldwide by the end of 1999."
Recently the UWCC, which represents TDMA technology, and the Global System for Mobile Communications Association (GSMA), which represents GSM technology, announced a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to work toward worldwide voice and data interoperability.
Berner currently serves as a cooperative development specialist at UWCC, where she has developed a nationally recognized program focusing on cooperative business development.
We know Courtney will uphold the UWCC mission of fostering critical thinking and understanding about cooperatives."
The group assembled a team of advisors to help them through the process, including Courtney Berner, cooperative development specialist with UWCC, Margaret Bau, co-op development specialist with the USDA Rural Business-Cooperative Service, and attorney Scott Herrick of the Herrick & Kasdorf law firm, who specializes in working with co-ops.
In April 2017, Stolzenburg was back at the UWCC's Employee Ownership Solutions Seminar, this time, with fellow member, Rob Peck, with a presentation on their conversion to employee ownership.
UWCC received a four-year research and extension grant for the "Collective Action in Rural Communities: Mapping Opportunities for Cooperative Conversion and Start-up" project.
While the primary goal of the roundtable was to encourage peer learning between cooperative leaders, it became apparent that the roundtable format also provided an excellent opportunity to deliver cost-effective education and support to newly launched cooperatives that have received technical assistance from UWCC. We hoped that mixing directors from start-ups with established co-ops would increase idea and skill sharing
Courtney Berner, cooperative development specialist at UWCC, supported the conversion process from start to finish.
This article is excerpted from a new University of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives (UWCC) publication: "Cooperative Equity and Ownership: An Introduction." It is available on the UWCC website at: