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UWCCUsed to Want Cdma to Crash
UWCCUniversity of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives
UWCCUniversal Wireless Communication Consortium
UWCCUniversity of Wales College Cardiff (also known as Cardiff University, UWC)
UWCCUnderwater Coincidence Counter (plutonium emissions)
UWCCUnited Way of Central Carolinas (Wadesboro, NC)
UWCCUnited Way of Camden County (New Jersey)
UWCCUniversity of Waterloo Cycling Club (Canada)
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Recently the UWCC, which represents TDMA technology, and the Global System for Mobile Communications Association (GSMA), which represents GSM technology, announced a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to work toward worldwide voice and data interoperability.
By combining existing data sources with newly collected data, UWCC will map and create portraits of regional cooperative clusters.
Based on feedback from roundtable participants, the UWCC plans to host two additional roundtables in the coming year.
The UWCC conference, "Multiple Options for 3G Success," will be held May 1 through May 3 in Orlando FL.
Vicki Livingston, Director of Marketing for the UWCC noted, "Diane Cornell is the ideal keynote speaker to lead off a day of important presentations involving the business models and marketing predictions for the successful future of the wireless industry.
We are delighted with the program developed for this year's Summit," said Frank Urbany, Chairman of the Board of the UWCC.
An additional highlight of the conference will be a panel of representatives from the UMTS Forum, the GSM Association, and the GSA joining the UWCC for a discussion on the issues and opportunities in 3G standards.
Our customers expect to be able to enjoy services from their home network, wherever they may be in the world," he said further, "and the role of the Roaming Forum with the much appreciated help of UWCC members is to make that wish a reality.
Livingston will be responsible for the global marketing plans of the UWCC, including public relations, strategic planning, and working with the operators and vendors promoting TDMA, EDGE, and WIN technologies worldwide.
Following the meeting, Sheila Mickool, President & CEO of the UWCC, stated, "TDMA is the number one technology in the Western Hemisphere, is robust, and has expanded at a 78% growth rate during the past 12 months.
We are very pleased to have Ben Harvey join the UWCC team promoting TDMA-EDGE & WIN services around the world," commented Chris Pearson, Executive Vice President for the UWCC.
The number of TDMA-EDGE subscribers recently exceeded 47 million internationally," said Sheila Mickool, President & CEO of the UWCC (Universal Wireless Communications Consortium).