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UWCCUniversity of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives
UWCCUniversal Wireless Communication Consortium
UWCCUniversity of Wales College Cardiff (also known as Cardiff University, UWC)
UWCCUnited Way of Central Carolinas (Wadesboro, NC)
UWCCUnited Way of Camden County (New Jersey)
UWCCUniversity of Waterloo Cycling Club (Canada)
UWCCUnderwater Coincidence Counter (plutonium emissions)
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Big Water Coffee Cooperative, which UWCC helped convert to a worker cooperative in 2015;
The UWCC is intended to deal with only the most serious cases arising especially out of the LRA conflict, namely those committed by the Commanders who gave the orders to the troops to commit those crimes.
Chris Pearson, vice president of marketing of the UWCC, said "TDMA continues to be the wireless technology of choice for consumers throughout the western hemisphere.
The UWCC Global Awards symbolize the efforts put forth by the UWCC membership to develop and promote TDMA-EDGE products and services around the world," said Mickool.
Internally, ASG fundraising includes several contests and drawings and a "Pay-to-Dress-Casual Day" when, for a $5 contribution, jeans, flip-flops, funny hats and t-shirts are acceptable business attire," said ASG Employee Relations Specialist and UWCC Board Member Amy Orr.
The UWCC is an international consortium of more than 115 wireless carriers and vendors supporting the TDMA and WIN technology standards.
The UWCC conference opens here today at the Rosen Plaza Hotel and continues through May 3.
The agreement covers network-to- network integration, terminal specifications and EDGE-GPRS Development," said Greg Williams, UWCC Chairman and Vice President -- Wireless Systems with SBC Communications, Inc.
As Chairman of the UWCC, and on behalf of 115-plus member companies, I applaud the Administration's unequivocal support for Multiple Standards as the appropriate policy for 3G wireless communications within the European Community and for its adoption by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) in March.
a Silicon Valley-based advanced wireless communications product company, will present, exhibit and demonstrate its breakthrough multi-mode RF technology at the 5th annual UWCC (Universal Wireless Communications Consortium) Global Summit 2001.
We are pleased that Diane Cornell has accepted our invitation to serve as a keynote speaker at the Global Summit," commented Chris Pearson, Executive Vice President for the UWCC.
We welcome DSC's entry into the TDMA cellular infrastructure market," said Chris Pearson, marketing director for the UWCC.