UWLCUniversity of Wisconsin-La Crosse (also seen as UWLAX; La Crosse, WI)
UWLCUppsala Word of Life Church (Upsala, Sweden)
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For a full list of the local nonprofits currently certified by UWLC, you can visit our Web site at www.
UWLC's 2015 campaign was severely impacted when the United Way of Greater Cleveland decided to terminate a long-standing agreement that had been in place to recognize and give back to UWLC donations made by Lake County residents working in Cuyahoga County.
UWLC is focused on creating measurable improvements in the lives of its citizens, and creating a lasting change to the issues facing Lake County.
In order to address these literacy issues, UWLC teamed up with Lake County-based Bernie's Book Bank to create Page it Forward: Lake County's Biggest Book Drive.
By taking such a creative approach to its fundraising efforts, UWLC exceeded its goal of 100,000 books before the campaign ended and raised $15,000 (equivalent to 6,000 books) in five 24-hour periods with the "Catch the Truck" and "Virtual 10K Relay" personal fundraising campaigns.