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The Consultant shall also review 2010 UWMP for the population, the service area, water supplies and water demands, water conservation programs, water use restrictions and ordinances and water system revenues and expenses.
Task 2 Update 2010 UWMP to satisfy DWR requirements Consultant will utilize information already compiled and included in the 2010 UWMP and make appropriate modifications to the 2010 UWMP Update to the service area population, population baselines and list each Demand Management Measures, including School Education Programs to satisfy DWR and Water Code requirements.
review DWR requirements for the 2015 UWMP and recommend any changes to the
The plan shall be updated to reflect the latest requirements in the UWMP Guidebook published by Department of Water Resources found on the website http://www.
Casitas is seeking a consultant to provide a complete wholesale UWMP for Casitas.
The consultant will update the City s current 2010 UWMP to meet the DWR s requirements for the 2015 version.
Western is seeking a consultant that will provide a complete UWMP for Western s wholesale and retail
The Act requires a UWMP be filed with the Califonia Department of Water Resources (DWR) every five years.
The plan should also meet all relevant updated statutes to include Assembly Bill 2067 that mandates that all 2015 UWMPs be submitted to the California Department of Water Resources (DWR) by July 1, 2016 and conform to the DWR s 2015 Urban Water Management Plan Guidebook.