UWMSUniversal Waste Management System (US NASA)
UWMSUniversity of Wisconsin Medical School
UWMSUltimate Water Management System (spa product)
UWMSUpper Westchester Muslim Society (New York)
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The sieve fractions of UWMS were analyzed' for percent MB clay for both Grede and Neenah sands.
These area differences account for the WMS and UWMS particle number differences, as well as the cumulative area curves.
Numbers of UWMS agglomerates vary little from core sand and WMS numbers up to 100 sizes because the major cumulative increase in surface area occurs up to the 100 sieve size ([ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 2 OMITTED] as related to [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 5 OMITTED]).
* assuring that both WMS and UWMS results are from the same sample;
* drying of the sand for UWMS sieve analysis is not standardized.
Percent MB clay content of UWMS sieve fractions could be gained more easily from larger samples;
If the UWMS sieve analysis is to become useful, the testing and reporting procedure should be standardized.