UWNYCUnited Way of New York City
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Sheena Wright, President & CEO, United Way of New York City, said, 'For the past eleven years, through outreach, education and assistance; and with the help of community based organisations, UWNYC has worked diligently to decrease food insecurity and the prevalence of diet -related diseases in New York City.
UWNYC mobilizes communities to break down barriers and build opportunities that improve the lives of low-income New Yorkers for the benefit of all.
UWNYC aims to double the number of third graders who can read proficiently by 2020 in five communities to make the future brighter for thousands of New Yorkers.
By press time the UWNYC reported the fund at more than $97.
President & CEO of Abyssinian Development Corporation to become first female President of UWNYC
I think North General Hospital recognizes it has a broad responsibility," said Ralph Dickerson, president of UWNYC.
UWNYC funds a network of the most effective health and human services nonprofits in the five boroughs; mobilizes collaborative efforts to address our community's most pressing needs; and provides management assistance, technology training, donated computers and more to help nonprofits achieve maximum impact.
UWNYC has one of the lowest administrative overheads of any major charity, with more than 87 cents of every dollar contributed going to help people lead self-sufficient and productive lives.