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UWOUniversity of Western Ontario
UWOUnit Watts Out
UWOUniversity Wisconsin Oshkosh
UWOUnix, Windows, OS/2 (DB2)
UWOUndersea Warfare Office
UWOUnderwater Ordnance
UWOUnder Will Of (legal)
UWOUncharted Waters Online (game)
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Failure to satisfy the authority issuing an UWO can lead to a civil suit for the recovery of the properties in question.
Another issue that goes against Pakistani politicians is "the lower threshold as a UWO made in relation to a non-EEA [European Economic Area] PEP [Politically Exposed Person] would not require suspicion of serious criminality".
Weaving Demonstrated: 150 Teachers Hear Talk on Value of Craft," UWO BHC, HSCA, Herbert Spencer Clark, Scrapbook assembled between 1937-1943, no box; "Handicrafts," The Weekly Sun, Toronto, 11 January 1934, n.
Meanwhile, on March 7, Huron University College, another affiliate of UWO, announced the establishment of a $2-million Chair in Islamic Studies within the College's historically Anglican Faculty of Theology.
He and a large group of UWO students, along with faculty members Roberta (Robbie) Flemming, Howard Plotkin, and Gordon Osinski, made daily trips to Grimsby to examine the local terrain, interview residents, and do some scouting to determine the likelihood of finding fragments.
ACCEL BSN Option Overview and Outcome Data In May 2003, in response to the increasing demand for accelerated nursing education programs, the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh (UWO) College of Nursing (CON) launched the UWO ACCEL BSN option.
Initiated by UWO geography professor Joy Parr, who is also the Canada Research Chair in Technology, Culture and Risk, the Megaprojects websites merge themes of environmental and community transformation as well as a range of documentary materials in a form that is "exploratory but also accessible," says collaborator Jon van der Veen of Concordia University.
It has advocated over the years on a number of relevant issues and through various media, including a video created in 1986: Breaking the Trust (sexual harassment); helping to establish in 1988-89 the UWO Standing Committee on Employment Equity which developed a Report Card on Employment Equity, followed by the more controversial Chilly Climate Report.
The new editorial board members are George Belliveau from UBC, Kym Bird from York University, Helen Gilbert from Royal Holloway, University of London, Andre Loiselle from Carleton University, Gregory Reid from Universite de Sherbrooke, and Kim Solga from UWO.
Clark builds on academic and administrative issues that he encountered while moving through university ranks, from "a green young faculty member" in the chemistry department of UBC, to a senior professor in inorganic chemistry and department head at UWO, to a vice-president at Guelph, and then president at Dalhousie.
LONDON, ON -- "First--and second-year medical students have negative perceptions of low socio-economic patients on several dimensions" is the conclusion of a study prepared by a group of 300 medical students at UWO and was published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal.
It acts as a common location that features data that supports retailer strategies as they go to market with inventory, promotions and new products," says Ray VanWetten, executive director of UWO.