UWRUnofficial World Record
UWRUniversal Waste Rule
UWRUnited We Rise (sneakers; Nike)
UWRUnderwater Rugby (sport)
UWRUpper West Region (Ghana)
UWRUngulate Winter Range
UWRUltra Wideband Radio
UWRUrban Wood Residue
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The issues that inform voter preferences in other non-ethnic strongholds such as the UWR have yet to be explored and answered.
The article is based on in-depth, face-to-face interviews conducted in four towns (Wa, Lawra, Jirapa and Tumu) of the UWR.
Due to the large number of IPOs with NMGR values of one, two, or three, and the clustering of UWR values at integers from 1 to 9, some of the years in our sample have only two portfolios.
In this section, we first present long-run return results for univariate portfolios sorted by NMGR, UWR, or APA.
This dendogram shows that sites in the UWR sub-watershed are most compositionally similar to sites within the WFWR.
UWR =upper White River sub-watershed, LWR = lower White River sub-watershed, WFWR = West Fork White River sub-watershed, EFWR = East Fork White River sub-watershed.
UWR educates stakeholders on the whys and hows of transportation coordination, provides tools to help states and communities consolidate transportation, analyzes the regulatory barriers to coordination and identifies solutions to them, encourages comprehensive planning, identifies best practices so states and communities can learn by example, and works to understand the difficulties of reporting on shared expenses--which is often a barrier to coordination.
With this concern in mind, the California Environmental Protection Agency Department of Toxic Substances Control promulgated UWR to control the disposal of CRTs in a less severe fashion.
The UWR and MSAA initiatives complement each other and have collaborated closely to build on one another's progress and success.
Suez Lyonnaise Des Eaux today confirmed that it is engaged in discussions with United Water Resources ("UWR") with a view jointly to explore with UWR strategic alternatives regarding UWR, including a possible increase of its investment in UWR or other action.
UWR establishes appropriate handling and transportation requirements for hazardous, mercury-containing fluorescent lamps to encourage recycling.