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Along with the NDAA and the UWSA, five other ethnic armed groups met in April 2017 in Panghsang, the Shan State headquarters of the Wa army.
The walk out was ostensibly a result of some "confusion" over registration of UWSA delegates.
China has not yet reacted officially to the election result, but in line with its traditional "carrot-and-stick policy" it will most probably continue supporting the UWSA while maintaining friendly relations with the government while encouraging trade and investment.
The UWSA is said to be equipped with state-of-the-art weaponry.
25) Furthermore, the opium bans launched by the MNDAA in 2002 and the UWSA in 2005 appear to have become unsustainable in light of the region's extreme poverty, households' heavy reliance on the revenue derived from opium cultivation and the inadequacy of alternative development programmes, especially in light of falling prices for other export goods such as rubber and teak.
Thus, it can be confirmed that WOU provides sufficient academic and SSS to the student, based on the criteria set up by UWSA Board of Regents.
Several ceasefire groups, including the UWSA, have chosen not to heed calls by the SPDC to disarm and reportedly use illicit drug proceeds to equip and maintain their paramilitary forces.
The lookout where fifteen SSA soldiers now stand guard was the scene of heavy fighting against the UWSA and the Burmese Army in April 2005.
The UWSA has little trouble recruiting porters, middlemen, and other facilitators in Yunnan and other poor central and western provinces, which have barely benefited from China's boom.
Talking and listening among the 14 nonprofit agencies, which will occupy the center with the Board of Directors of the UWSA, the representatives of the Donald W.
He is coming to speak before the UWSA convention August 11-13 .
Closely allied to China, the UWSA controls a secretive statelet the size of Belgium in the remote hills on Burma's eastern border.