UWTUniversity of Washington Tacoma (est. 1990)
UWTUmmah Welfare Trust (UK charity)
UWTUnderwater Telephone
UWTUnderweight (finance)
UWTUmoja wa Wanawake wa Tanzania (Swahili: Union of Women of Tanzania)
UWTUndersea Warfare Technology
UWTUnit Weapons Trainer
UWTUnitary Wind Tunnel
UWTUniversity of the West Timisoara (Romania)
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He said the UWT had earmarked 10 percent share for the welfare of special persons.
Talking on the occasion Mulana Naveed has said that UWT is delivering its services to the deserving across the country and it was not only helping out people in the month of Ramadan but also help the needy in flood and disaster situation.
Go Dawg Gaming is a group of UWT students raising money for a charity organization called Extra Life.
The UWT gives Redline customers a single secure platform from which to power the broadest range of IP applications on a single network from heavy applications requiring data speeds of 100 Mbps or greater, to lighter applications such as small packet VoIP and machine-to-machine (M2M) communications, without making any design sacrifices.
A close analysis of these objectives reveals that UWT was an instrument of the party to further its interests and the policy of socialism and self-reliance.
Chairman UWT apprised the Chief Minister of its educational program saying that Trust wanted establishment of Engineering University (EU) in Peshawar for higher education of those orphans and poor children who got free education till F.
Originally developed by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI), the UWT is a fully robotic walkway testing device used by manufacturers of floor coverings, floor maintenance products, and the insurance industry and has quickly become the best selling walkway testing device in the U.
They said the UWT also actively participating in charity work and helping the poor and deserving people, importantly in their timetesting situation.
The UWT and the trustees of Milltown Cemetery said they wished to thank everyone who had been involved in the talks, and they thanked relatives of people buried in the cemetery in particular.
Under the terms of the agreement, UWT will develop a specialty travel division -- Wings Trips -- to provide honeymoon and romantic travel services to The Knot audience of more than 2 million engaged couples.
UWT spokesman Sahibzada Syed Imran Shah distributed the winterization kit containing 3 beds (steel made charpaees), 3quilt, pillows, bed sheets and mattresses at the residence of Aza khel, where a large number of survivors including women had gathered.
In his message on the occasion, Chairman UWT Maulana Muhammad Idrees said that following the sacred act of Hazrat Ibrahim, Muslims sacrifice millions of animals every year worldwide.