UWVUniversity of West Virginia
UWVUnmanned Water Vehicle
UWVUitvoeringsorgaan Werknemers Verzekeringen (Dutch: Employee Insurance Implementing Body)
UWVUSA Web Version (gamng, Doom help service)
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whenever u, v [member of] M are nonzero elements, then there exists w [member of] M such that uwv [not equal to] 0;
Additionally, in the case of employer insolvency, the Dutch Employee Insurance Agency (Uitvoeringsinstituut Werknemersverzekeringen, or Uwv) will take over some of the employer's financial obligations towards the employees, including: (1) the payment of salary and benefits over a maximum of thirteen weeks (including overtime and expenses); and (2) holiday allowance and pension contributions that have remained unpaid over a maximum of one year.
UWV, a Dutch organization delivering employee benefits to citizens, has been using process management systems since 2001.
UWV, unit weight, water absorption and content are the rock materials' most important index properties and they are often related to porosity.
A string w is a factor or substring of T if T = uwv for u, v [member of] [SIGMA]*; in this case, the string w occurs at position |u| + 1 in T.
Zum Einsatz trainingsunterstutzender Mittel im Gewichtheben im Olympiajahr 1984 unter besonderer Beachung der UWV [Scientific Report].
In particular, reintegration incentives have been strengthened through: * an extension from one to two years of the initial sick leave period to be covered by the firm, which increased incentives for employers to find alternative job opportunities within the firm; * the introduction of a "no-risk policy" whereby the UWV (uitvoeringsinstituut werknemersuerzekeringen) covers sickness payments for employers who keep a (partially) disabled employee at work in case this person becomes sick again within five years; * strengthening the incentives to take up work by introducing DB replacement rates that are dependent on the hypothetical earnings capacity of the benefit recipient.
UWV UB and DB agency (Uitvoeringsinstituut Werknemersverzekering)
In the first nine months of this procedure, 55 000 people on DB have been re-evaluated (out of a total of 326 000 beneficiaries) and 35% of benefits were either ended or reduced (UWV, 2005).