UXAUranium Exploration Australia Limited
UXAUser Experience Alliance (est. 2005)
UXAUnited Experiments of America (band)
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Keysight will help ZTE accelerate 5G time to market by providing products including UXA mmWave signal analyzers, AXIe modular ultrabroad bandwidth signal generation and analysis systems, and system-level prototype solutions.
Mario Narduzzi, director, Communications Solutions Group Marketing, said in a phone interview before EuMW that the Keysight N9041B UXA X-Series signal analyzer is the first to provide frequency coverage to 110 GHz with a maximum analysis bandwidth of up to 5 GHz with an external oscilloscope.
We recognize that these measurements aren't easy," he said, but the N9041B UXA can provide an assist.
Narduzzi said the N9041B UXA exemplifies the company's unique capabilities with attributes such as advanced front-end indium-phosphide circuitry.
UXA has recently signed a number of uranium exploration agreements in the Northern territory and Western Australia as part of a new pipeline of drill ready exploration projects.
More information about UXA can be found on http://www.
However, the largest bandwidths native to a product are 765 MHz for the National Instruments (NI) PXIe-5668R vector signal analyzer (VSA), 510 MHz for Keysight's N9040B UXA signal analyzer (Figure 1), and 320 MHz for the R&S FSW with the FSW-B320 option.
Keysight's N9040B UXA signal analyzer combines swept-tuned and FFT-based analysis and provides -142 dBc/Hz phase noise at 100-kHz offset from a 1-GHz carrier as well as a spurious-free dynamic range of >78 dB.
From Keysight's new N9040B UXA X-Series signal analyzer data sheet, you can determine that the local oscillator's (LO) 3.
Higher bands can be addressed by doubling the LO frequency as done in Keysight's UXA analyzer or in NI's PXIe-6505 downconverter.
And after the show, the company announced the new flagship of its X-Series: the N9040B UXA signal analyzer.
In the signal-analysis space, the company introduced in October what Joe Rickert, R&D manager for the company's Microwave & Communications Division, called the "new X-Series flagship"--the N9040B UXA signal analyzer (Figure 4).