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UXOUnexploded Ordnance
UXOUnexploded Explosive Ordnance (US DoD)
UXOUltima X: Odyssey (proposed computer game)
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Stay out of restricted areas and do not touch a suspected UXO or any manmade object you do not recognize.
Military explosive response teams have responded to more than 100 UXO calls to the site since the 1980s.
To date in 2012, there have been 29 civilian UXO victims (18 children) in Gaza: from 2009 to 2012, the total number is 111 (64 children).
During both construction phases, several caches of World War II-vintage UXO were unearthed.
There are still countless pieces of UXO in the area surrounding Misurata.
Leng Sochea said since early this year, Cambodia has seen at least 148 casualties related to mines and UXO, compared with 245 casualties during the whole of 2009.
Give them a description of the UXO and its location.
Falling rubble and hazardous material, including UXO, have killed 17 and injured at least 25 Palestinians.
Most UXO encountered in Kiribati are remnants from this conflict and include military ordnance such as artillery projectiles, aerial bombs, rockets, mortars and mines.
Munitions, including small-arms ammunition, projectiles, cartridges, bombs, rockets, pyrotechnics, grenades, blasting caps, fuzes, simulators, and raw explosives, may not be easily recognized as UXO.
BUD quickly determines the location, size, and shape of buried UXO more quickly than any other technology.