UYFUmsobomvu Youth Fund (South Africa)
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CC Ferrite UYF Type Magnetic core Product Picture and Specification 88 Table 2009-2014 KY.
AUSTIN, Texas -- The new 3M Scotchlok connector crimping tool E9J is designed to work on Scotchlok connectors - UY, UYF, UR, UY2, UY2D, UR2, UR2-D, UP2, UAL, UP3, UPB, 211, UB2A, UB2A-D, UCC, UG and UPC - across the entire range of applicable wire sizes.
The American Stock Exchange will launch trading in options on the Nasdaq National Market-listed stock Informatica Corporation (Options Symbol: UYF / Stock Symbol: INFA) on Friday, July 21, 2000.