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CAR component company UYT is shedding almost 100 jobs at its Coventry site.
Staff say the clause would allow UYT to cut costs by shutting down the factory and paying staff just pounds 20 per day not to come into work, without making them redundant.
Nu nieuwlijx uyt 'et Griex en Latijn vertaalt, Amsterdam, 1659?.
Kit Halliday, Joint Covpress European chief executive, said of the UYT takeover: "This is tremendous news for everyone - Yongtai Group, UYT and the people who work here.
Literturdeki calismalarin cogunda gebelik ve dogum sonrasi donemde UYT ile tedavi alan ve spontan gebe kalan kadinlarin depresif belirti duzeylerinin benzer oldugu belirtilmistir.
(33.) "hoort gy een sneeg, een geestig man, dan hoorje dat u leeren kan, siet gy een ongezouten gek, leert noch al yet uyt zijn gebrek": Jan ten Hoorn, Reis-boek door de Vereenigde Nederlandsche Provincien (Amsterdam, 1689), preliminary pages.
This discovery of an area of coast lying between 27[degrees] 30'S and 33[degrees]S was attributed to Jacob Dedel, the supercargo aboard the Amsterdam, by Hessel Gerritsz, the chief cartographer to the VOC (United East India Company) in his 'Caert van t' Landt van d'Eendracht uyt de Journalen ende afteyeningen der Stierluyden t'samengestelt, A[degrees]1627' (20).
The author also explains how de Gheyn's images of nature and witchcraft are described, respectively, by the critical terms near het leven and uyt den gheest that Karel van Mander introduced to Dutch art criticism in 1604 to define images made "after life" (near het leven) and images made "from the mind or the spirit" (uyt den gheest).
In contrast, in the Dutch Republic, where there was relatively little interest in prosecuting witchcraft, the witch imagery of Jacques de Gheyn II emphasized the artist's mastery of the balance of mimetic (nae t' leven) and fantastical (uyt den gheest) modes of representation.
Uyt her Engels vertaalt, t'Amsterdam, Voor Jacob Vinckel, Boeckverkooper in de Beurstraet, in de Historyschryver, 1668.
With: Jan Munter, John Kon Kelei, Willem Smit, Ingeborg Uyt den Bogaard, Miep Bos, Rok Rok.