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UYUUruguayan Peso (ISO currency code)
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Rappaport (1985 : 35-36), quant a elle, se refere a un dualisme abstrait lorsqu'elle definit les representations identitaires des Paez dans les Andes colombiennes sous la forme d'une logique binaire exprimant une opposition topographique complementaire entre ajyu, ce cote-ci et uyu, l'autre cote, l'appartenance a l'une ou l'autre d'entre elle etant definie abstraitement et independamment de tout rapport avec un territoire localise ou un groupe donne ou avec un environnement historique ou sociologique particulier.
Furthermore, bare verbs (e.g., git '[to] go', uyu '[to] sleep') are not morphological words because verbal forms must ultimately be followed by subject pronominal markers (or receive derivational morphemes) to qualify for a morphological word status.
Adicionalmente, el mismo Inka, Uyu de la ciudad de Chucuito, fundada durante la ocupacion inka, habria sido construida por arquitectos locales (Arkush 2005:236).
121 34534 AZA.INEIN (Greek: to dry), BEB.EDDED, CIC.EKREK (Turkey), DID.OUGOU (river--Ivory Coast), EIE.BAMBA (stream--Ethiopia), GAG.LIOLI (Italy), HOH.O-OVOO Uul (mountain--Mongolia), IVI.SONSO (Bolivia), KIK.WUNWU (= Kik, the House clan of the Ala [Horn] phratry of the Hopi--Hodge), LEL.IONIO (Lithuania), MAM.ONBON (Philippines), NON.SENSE, OGO.LAWLA (= Oglala, the principal division of the Teton Sioux--Hodge), PAP.IOPIO (w3), RER.EFIEF (w2), SES.TETTE (sextet), TIT.ANIAN (pertaining to the Titans), UYU.PAMPA (farm--Peru), VIV.ASTAS (farms in Sweden), WAW.OUROU (Mali), YAY.LIMLI (Turkey), ZAZ.HECHE (Belarus)
AInd.--Ancient Indian, F.--Finnish, F.-Mord.--Finno-Mordvinian, F.-Perm.--Finno-Permian, F.-Volg.--Finno-Volgaic, fam.--language family, FU--Proto-Finno-Ugrian, Hung.--Hungarian, IE--Proto-Indo-European, Jap.--Japanese, Kor.--Korean, Mo.--Proto-Mongolian, Mord.--Mordvinian, N--northern, Osset.--Ossetian, Ost.--Ostyak, Perm.--Proto-Permian, Sam.--Proto-Samoyed, Selk.--Selkup, Slav.--Proto-Slavic, Toch.--Tocharian, Tu.--Proto-Turkic, Tung.--Proto-Tungus, U--Proto-Uralic, Ug.-- (Proto- / common) Ugrian, UYu.--Proto-Uralo-Yukaghir, Vog.--Vogul, Voty.--Votyak, Yu.--Yukaghir, Zyr.--Zyrian.
En virtud de la relacion formal y semantica establecida entre la desinencia aimara -ni y la -n de la toponimia ejemplificada, estamos ahora en condiciones de interpretar llanamente, gracias tambien al reconocimiento de sus radicales involucradas (de origen quechua y/o aimara), el significado de toponimos como Oyo-n '(lugar) con corral' (< uyu 'corral' (A)), Huaica-n '(lugar) con ajies' (< wayk'a 'aji' (A)), Concha-n '(lugar) con hongos' (< quncha 'hongo' (Q)), Hualca-n '(lugar) con collar' (< wa [??] qa 'collar' (Q)), etc.
On the third day, the column reached the Uyu River, a tributary that flowed 60 miles west to join the Chindwin River at the city of Homalin east of the mountain range that separated Burma from India.
In Shona society, for instance, if a young man or woman is caught behaving in an unusual manner; elders will ask the question: Mwana wokwani uyu (Whose child is he or she?) This suggests that the problem is not with the child but with the group or community where the child belongs.
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The new production by the company's choreographer and artistic advisor Daniel F Job, features two outstanding young dancers - Natasha Watson and Uyu Hiromoto - sharing the lead role of Giselle.
The governor of Wau, Andrea Mayar Acho, in a decree, relived his deputy, Anthony Charles Ngberende, security advisor, Dominic Emilio, local government minister, Joseph Uyu, health minister, Bona Gaundensio Wol, the commissioner of Udici, James Akuar Agau and the commissioner of Marial Bai, James Mabuong, among others.