UYVUpper Yukon Valley
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Limited Tenders are invited for Supply Of Cloth Filters And Uyv Valves Spares
Tenders are invited for Rapid Joint 95: Black Coloured Uyv Resistance Cable Jointing System With Two Half Separated Enclosures Tapered With Both Ends Filled With Cross Linked Polymer Get And Highly Robust Insulating Plastic Case Class-2 Joint As Per Cei 64-8, The Joint Is Water Resistance Flame Retardant Re-Enterable After Long Use, Confirmed To Ip:68 Standards As Per Ies 59 Specification After Completion Of The Joint Non Explosive, Non Oxidizing Temperature Resistance, 2300 Degree C For Installation Upto 1 Kv, Dialetectric Strength Of And Gt 20Kv/Mm Non Toxic, Long Self Life, Flexible And Elastic Low Compound Cable Size 4 Quad 16 Conductor 6 Quad 24 Conductor Signal Core.