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UZIUnieke Zorgverlener Identificatie (Dutch: Caring Unique Identification)
UZIUnione Zoologica Italiana
UZIUniversal Zealots, Inc. (gaming)
UZIUpheaval-Zombie Infestation (gaming)
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Caption: Action Arms was the second American importer of the Galil series and offered them alongside their UZI firearms line which they began importing around 1981 for civilian sales.
According to a CBS News ( report , Charles Vacca was teaching the girl how to use the automatic weapon when she lost control of the Uzi gun and shot the shooting range instructor in the head with one bullet.
The recoil wrenched the Uzi upward, and Vacca was shot in the head.
The Uzi then appears to be switched to automatic as the girl pulls the trigger and loses her grip of the weapon.
Mr Parker said: "I don't think there is one person in detective branch or drug unit who hasn't called for the reinstatement of the Uzi.
Historically, the Uzi is a product of its political times and environment.
This is a military career autobiography by Israel's Brigadier General Uzi Eilam.
THE decision by a US firm to let tourists loose with deadly Uzi machine guns says a lot about the Yanks' attitude to gun law.
The former director of Israel's national security council, Uzi Arad, left his office in March after admitting he had leaked secret information to the press, Israeli media reported on Wednesday.