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UZIUnieke Zorgverlener Identificatie (Dutch: Caring Unique Identification)
UZIUnione Zoologica Italiana
UZIUniversal Zealots, Inc. (gaming)
UZIUpheaval-Zombie Infestation (gaming)
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BARRED FROM IMPORTATION: July, 1989 AKA7 type 86S type AKA7S type 86S7 type AK74 type 87S type AKS type Calil type AKM type Type 56 type AKMS type Type 56S type BAS type Valmet M76 type ARM type Valmet M78 type 84S1 type M76 counter sniper type 84S3 type FAL type HK91 type L1A1A type HK9 3 type SAR A 8 type HR9A type AUG type C3SA type FNC type K1 type Uzi carbine K2 type Algimec ACMI type AR100 type AR180 type MIAS type Australian Automatic Arms SAR MAS223 type type SIC 550SP type Beretca AR70 type SIC 551SP type Beretta BM59 type SKS type with detachable magazine CIS SR88 type SPECIFICATIONS ORIGINAL GALIL GALIL ACE PISTOL Type: Closed bolt, long stroke Closed bolt, long gas, semi-auto stroke gas, semi-auto Caliber: 5.
Up on the roof deck, I lean against the a wicker couch a few feet away from where Uzi is standing and listen to him riff existentially between drags of a sturdy blunt delivered to him by "Fat," a baby-faced kid with a pristine Caesar haircut and the build of a junior varsity shooting guard.
In 2008, an 8-year-old boy died after accidentally shooting himself in the head with an Uzi at a gun expo near Springfield, Massachusetts.
In any stand-off, the Uzi has the capacity of two or three men.
Des Lennon, prosecuting, said the Uzi, made famous by Arnold Schwarzenneger's online Log on to echo.
Additionally, the board elected Uzi Yemin to the newly created position of chairman of the board.
Historically, the Uzi is a product of its political times and environment.
But now the company is targeting British holidaymakers, cynically cashing in on the jailing of a notorious Midland drug dealer who packed an Uzi machine pistol.
The Huddersfield duo have been working together for years with Birkby-based Uzi providing the beats for Salendine Nook's Harpreet's vocals.
Uzi Eilam, senior research fellow at a think tank, speaks against Iran's agreement to ship low-grade uranium to Turkey]]>